[Precis Intermedia] Another System for Open License

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[Precis Intermedia] Another System for Open License

Post by Havard »

MasterBook ShatterZone Mailinglist wrote:MasterWorld is the trademark for royalty-free publications for MasterBook when used with its Open Supplement License. This means that you can produce your own material for MasterBook, including optional rules, creatures, powers, and world books.

http://www.pigames.net/collaborative/in ... d&page=429

Brett M. Bernstein
Precis Intermedia
MasterBook is one of the systems developed by good old West End Games of D6 Star Wars fame. It was based on the system used in TORG, an at the time very popular and unusual game back in the 1990s.


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Re: [Precis Intermedia] Another System for Open License

Post by Ashtagon »

Looks interesting at first glance, but closer reading reveals that they can withdraw the licence at any time with them being the sole arbiters of taste. Also, nothing gets the licence unless and until it has been reviewed by one of their staff first (and even then they can revoke the licence afterwards0.

It's a licence, but it's not an open licence.
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