Will Hindmarch & Rich Redman join the staff of Green Ronin

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Will Hindmarch & Rich Redman join the staff of Green Ronin

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Welcome Our New Ronins!

We recently added two new members to the GR staff. Please join us in welcoming our new ronins to the fold. Who are these brave adventurers?

Will Hindmarch is our new Dragon Age Developer. He has been working professionally in the game industry for the last decade. Will is an experienced developer, having run both White Wolf's Vampire: The Requiem line and Atlas Games' Feng Shui line. He contributed to our Family Games: The 100 Best book and has done freelance work for companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Pelgrane Press, and Turbine. His first task will be helping us get Dragon Age Set 3 finished, approved, and released.

Rich Redman is coming onboard as Production and Licensing Manager. He spent 13 years working for Wizards of the Coast, starting as a customer service rep in 1994 and ending his tenure as the Assistant Brand Manager for Dungeons & Dragons. His game design work at Wizards includes d20 Modern and Unearthed Arcana. Rich was also a founding member of the The Game Mechanics and wrote Martial Arts Mayhem, which Green Ronin published in 2006. He'll be helping us with scheduling, project management, and foreign licensing.

We're excited to have Will and Rich joining our staff and we look forward to their contributions to the Green Ronin saga.

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Re: Will Hindmarch & Rich Redman join the staff of Green Ron

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Always good to hear good news from Green Ronin. :)


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