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Wayne's Books

Post by Havard »

A few more old gaming books arrived in the mail today: Dragontales (Short stories) and AD&D Warriors of Heaven. Both ordered from Wayne's Books (via Amazon). But how cool is this, the store threw in two additional modules that I dont have. They are not in excellent condition, but not that bad either. As the store owner writes, "good play copies". Shipped all the way to Norway for free. How cool is that? :)


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Re: Wayne's Books

Post by Bouv »

I've bought stuff from Wayne's Books before and have been happy with them. Always nice when you can find a good retailer out there. I can't remember who I bought it from but I picked up a copy of Bleak House and it also included Touch of Death and Night of the Walking Dead.

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Re: Wayne's Books

Post by Princess Strega »

I ordered from WB a hanful of times. Never got anything more than I paid for.

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