[Warhammer] [Only War] WH40k: The Imperial Guard RPG

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[Warhammer] [Only War] WH40k: The Imperial Guard RPG

Post by Havard »

New RPG coming out in the WH40K series: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_ ... 201&esem=1

I have the core books for a couple of the other ones in the series. They are a bit rules heavy for me, but I like the setting. Anyone here fans of WH40K?

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Re: [Only War] WH40k: The Imperial Guard RPG

Post by Saunatonttu »

Rogue Trader <3

This might be somewhat interesting, I skipped both Deathwatch and the chaos game, because those didn't thematically interest me, but now we are back to Just Men, I am in. I know this will be Cadians and Jungle Rambos and other Well Known regiments, and not Geno Five Two Chiliad or Lucifer Blacks (Dinas Chayne is still probably the most badass regular human in 40K). Hopefully there will be ideas/rules for Last Chancers type of party, that could mix with Rogue Trader.

Still need to get me Dark Heresy, to add Assassins into the mix of available characters in RT.
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