[Star Wars] Edge of the Empire RPG Beta

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[Star Wars] Edge of the Empire RPG Beta

Post by Isuru »

The new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG Beta from Fantasy Flight Games is available for order on their website.

The first book deals with the outer sectors (I'm guessing places like Tatooine). The two later books will flesh out the other places of the Star Wars universe. Each book is meant to be playable as a standalone RPG, but all three can complement and are compatible with each other.

This is mostly for informative purposes, because the beta is available for $30 as a hardcopy only. I haven't found anything on an electronic copy and certainly not for a reduced price. Seems kind of steep for a beta. I hope they eventually give beta customers a coupon for the final version.

The system uses custom dice, with six main varieties divided into an advantageous and disadvantageous group. Each positive and negative group has one die representing innate, trained, and environmental aspects. The beta comes with stickers to modify existing dice until they can start producing the special dice for sale. I believe there is an app or digital dice roller available as well.

This reminds me of the current Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition. I'm not familiar with either offerings from Fantasy Flight, but the two system both use custom dice to handle deeper degrees of success or failure.

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Re: [Star Wars] Edge of the Empire RPG Beta

Post by Bouv »

I love the Warhammer Boxed set, so much in it! I like how they decide to take a different take on things, though in the long run, that could hurt (lost dice, cards, etc).

Wonder when the full fledged verison will be available?

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Re: [Star Wars] Edge of the Empire RPG Beta

Post by Princess Strega »

Not so sure that I'm interested in this. So many OOP options for Star Wars and I own materials for three of 'em; D6, D20 & Saga. I think I've spent my fair share of money on Star Wars RPG materials.

Unless this is some knid of revolutionary system that gets high praise I'm gonna steer clear.

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Re: [Star Wars] Edge of the Empire RPG Beta

Post by agathokles »

Same here -- with all the Saga material I have, I've no need of another system. Besides, I'm not too fond of complex dice systems, nor of turning supplements into standalone games. I'll wait to see if they produce interesting adventures, since I've already played Dawn of Defiance and a number of short adventures from the d20 and d6 games.


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Re: [Star Wars] Edge of the Empire RPG Beta

Post by rabindranath72 »

It looks like the game system borrows from WFRP3e. It's a nice system, but what killed WFRP3e for me was the mixing with the cards mechanics, which made for a very fiddly system. Hopefully this aspect will be removed from SW, though personally I am very happy with the 1st edition d6 SW.

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