Was The Burnt World of Athas involved in 4e products?

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Was The Burnt World of Athas involved in 4e products?

Postby Big Mac » Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:32 am

I know that Dragonlance Nexus helped Sovereign Press...and then Margaret Weis Productions with the 3rd Edition Dragonlance line. I know that several Dragonlance Nexus staff have credits in the books (and that Cam Banks actually went to work for MWP).

Did anything similar happen between The Burnt World of Athas and Wizards of the Coast when the 4th Edition Dark Sun line came out? I don't know the names of all the staff at Athas.org. Did any of them write for the 4e line?

I recall that the mention of the "official websites" was quietly removed from the Wizards COMmunity boards at some time during the 3rd Edition Era. Do they mention The Burnt World of Athas in any of the 4e books?
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