[2E] How much did Dark Sun modify AD&D 2nd Ed?

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[2E] How much did Dark Sun modify AD&D 2nd Ed?

Post by Havard »

One of the things that caught my attention with Dark Sun when it first came out were the rules additions that modified 2nd Ed. In how many aspects were the rules modified for the setting back then?


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Re: [2E] How much did Dark Sun modify AD&D 2nd Ed?

Post by agathokles »

  • Character stats are handled differently (basically DS characters have higher stats, ranging in 5-20 rather than 3-18)
  • Characters start from level 3 rather than 1
  • Clerics and Druids are elemental-based, with different powers, restrictions and spell lists
  • There are no Paladins; Bards are non-magical assassins; there are additional classes (Gladiator, Trader, Templar)
  • There are additional rules for weapon materials and weather-related rules that prevent the use of heavy armor in hot climates
  • All character races are similar but not quite the same to the standard races (there are no gnome PCs, though); Half-Giant, Mul and Thri-Kreen are new PC races (later Pterrans are also added)
  • All races have at least one class (Psionicist) with unlimited advancement, and level limits are generally higher than in PHB; multiclassing, especially in the Psionicist class, is easier
  • Each player starts with multiple characters (character tree)
  • There are a number of new proficiencies and special weapons, as well as rules for piecemeal armor
  • All characters are at least marginally psionic (wild talent)

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