[Novel] City Under The Sand

Athas and the sorcerer-kings.
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[Novel] City Under The Sand

Post by Silverblade-T-E » Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:14 pm

jsut came out, not bad! :)
has some glaring errors, discontinuities between 2nd and 4th ed, like calling half-giants "goliaths" but still saying they are 12' tall...then having them fit in poor folks houses...stuff like that.
some folk have criticized it for having the main protagonist as a swordsmith, well, metal DOES exist on Athas and nobles/templars definately do use metal wepaons and other items, so who'd ya think makes 'em but smiths? ;) just very very rare, as the book shows
a smith with psionic abilities for metal (finding, working, reading), able ot make "Damascus" Steel would be incredibly precious person indeed

not bad book at all, definately got the "Zothique", eerie/strange tales feel I like with Dark Sun, not superb but definately worth a read for folk who like the setting :)
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