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Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:21 pm
by Bouv
So I'm tossing it around to run, as a side-story to my BECMI/RC game, Castle Amber but as a 4E game (as I want to try out the system). The way I see it I have a few (many?) steps to do this:

1. Create PC's - done. I made them about 10th level I think
2. Create NPC's - done. Again, adjusted the levels a bit
3. Pull up the straight-conversion monsters (i.e. ogres, hobgoblins, dragons, etc.) - done

That's the easy stuff. Now comes the hard stuff.

4. Find (or create) equivalent monsters form the module for 4E (Crystal Statues, Magen, Lupin, etc. are all not in the 4E monster manuals) - I've started this a little bit, figuring out which monsters I need to do
5. Adjust encounters to make sure that they are neither too easy or too difficult
6. Include some skill encounters - done a couple so far (slime room).
7. Create battle maps

Has anyone done anything like this yet? I want to start looking in some of the topics here to maybe see if any of the creatures are already converted.

Re: Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:33 pm
by Bouv
So I think I mapped out my first stab at a combat encounter, Room #10, the Master Bedroom where the ogre is. I made the ogre an "arena-trained ogre" from the Monstrous Compendium (a Brute, taking the place of a Leader) and then added in 17 Skeletal Legionnaires (minions) also from the MC. To throw the party off, they'll just be "suits of armor" around the room. That way they can be challenged but it's not odd that suddenly more creatures show up for combat.

Re: Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:01 pm
by Hugin
Bouv wrote:...and then added in 17 Skeletal Legionnaires (minions) also from the MC. To throw the party off, they'll just be "suits of armor" around the room. That way they can be challenged but it's not odd that suddenly more creatures show up for combat.
Owww... nice. I like. :twisted:

Re: Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:30 pm
by Bouv
One thing I'm tossing around is making the Ambers actual, by the rules NPC's or creating them like PC's. Since most are encountered by themselves, I'm going for the more powerful PC option.

Re: Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:48 pm
by Bouv
So I've been (slowly) making progress here. I've decided to keep the Ambers as full on PCs in terms of their creation. More interesting that way.

I've gotten basic maps done of the first couple rooms, pulled the monsters I'm going to need and started trying to figure out what to use for the monsters that aren't in 4E (like the Magen and Rakastas).

So here's an example:

Room 2 - Original has John-Louis Amber (f12)and 3 demos magen in a boxing ring. For the 4E conversion, I've turned John-Louis into 12th level Barbarian and the magen are a wood golem (boxer), bone golem, and obsidian golem (from the Mystara 4E monster guide posted somewhere here!)

Room 3 - Has 12 rakastas. Will still have 12 but only 4 will be "combat worthy" (if combat breaks out). They are: 2 Weretiger Skinners, 1 Raksasha warrior, 1 Raksasha archer. They, of course, will just be basic "cat-people" and not have any of the extras that weretigers or raksashas have (no moon rage, or reincarnations, etc.)

Room 7 - Original has 3 aranea spiders. They don't have a 4E counterpart that I've been able to find. SOOO...I made 1 a Lolth's Weaver (switching out one attack for something more "magical"), 2 Feyspitter spiders, and just for added fun (and to make the EL closer to 40), a cave spider (minion spider). They'll act like araneas though.

Room 8 - Original had the green slime, black pudding, and gray ooze. To get the chests in my version, it will be a SKILLS CHALLENGE!

Room 9 - Original has Richard Amber, 10th level fighter. For 4E, I made him a 10th level fighter and threw in 4 human thug minions if combat breaks out.

So far for PC's, I have a (all 10th level)
Elardin Ranger specializing in longbows (one of her daily attacks has the potential to do over 100 points of damage if everything special is added in - hunter's quarry, etc.)
Dragonborn Paladin - Not too sure what paladin route he's going to go with yet

I'm hoping my 3rd playing goes for a controller or leader and maybe, just maybe, I can scrounge up a 4th player do take on the last role.

Re: Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:53 pm
by Bouv
So here's, essentially, my "first draft" of the rooms and what might possibly happen in them. However, I've discovered I might have set the EL's too high (adding them up to around 40 instead of making the creatures near the party level). If there is "no change", I use the room as written. I plan to run a "test combat" to see if I made it too tough.

Room 1 – no change
Room 2 – John-Louis Amber = 12th level Barbarian w/ a wood golem, obsidian golem, and a bone golem. The wood golem is used for boxing. The rest will play as written.
Room 3 – 2 Weretiger Skinners, 1 Raksasha Warrior, 1 Rasksasha Archer – role-play/combat as necessary.
Room 4 – No change
Room 5 – No change
Room 6 – No change
Room 7 – Lloth’s Weaver, 2 fey Spitter Spiders, 1 Cave Spider
Room 8 – Skills challenge to get the chest
Room 9 – Richard Amber is a 10th level fighter. Minions will join him in battle if it occurs – 4 human thugs
Room 10 – Arena trained ogre w/ 4 skeleton legionaries in the suits of armor
Room 11 – A sovereign wraith and 6 wraith figments
Room 12 – No change
Room 13 – Skills challenge to escape the trees
Room 14 – No change
Room 15 – Role-play opportunity – 1 unicorn, 1 young gold dragon
Room 16 – 2 Enormous Carrion Crawler, 1 fell troll, 1 war troll - combat
Room 17 – 13 crocodiles
Room 18 – 2 black puddings, 4 gray ooze’s, 2 green slimes, 1 ochre jelly, 1 gelatinous cube – combat to get the key
Room 19 – No Change
Room 20 – Andrew David Amber – 9th level tiefling ranger, 2 weretigers, 1 werewolf lord
Room 21 – No Change
Room 22 – Skills challenge to avoid the flowers
Room 23 – No change
Room 24 – No change – benefits/curse statues
Room 25 – Madeline Amber - Level 8 Warlord
Room 26 – 2 chillborn zombies, 2 zombie hulks, 2 corruption corses
Room 27 – 2 blazing skeletons, 1 skeletal tomb guardian, 6 skeletons, 1 bone golem, 1 bone crusher skeleton, 1 decrepit skeleton
Room 28 – No change
Room 29 – Role-play, inspection, possible combat
Room 30 – Charles Amber – level 9 warlock, 1 dark naga, 1 chain golem plus Madeline Amber (one will work for the PC’s)
Room 31 - No change
Room 32 – Simon Amber, 4 Foulspawn Wretch, 1 foulspawn warpcaller,
Room 33 –No change
Room 34 – Catherine Amber – minor changes, skill challenge
Room 35 – 1 Human Transmuter (looks like an ape), 1 ape temple guardian, 1 ape silverback, 1 great ape
Room 36 – Claude Amber – Role-play
Room 37 – No change
Room 38 - No change
Room 39 – No change
Room 40 – Salamander Lancer, Salamander Firetail, Salamander Archer, Salamander Noble
Room 41 – Skills Challenge
Room 42 – No change
Room 43 – 4 Fire archons
Room 44 – No change, role-play
Room 45 – Gremlins – Skills Challenge
Room 46 – No Change
Room 47 – Gaston Amber – Level 9 Wizard/Sorcerer
Room 48a – No change
Room 48b – 1 Throon Hulk, 1 Thrall Master, 1 Unseen Lurker
Room 49 – 5 crystal living statues, 4 rock living statues, 1 stone golem
Room 50 – No change
Room 51 – Purple Worm Tunneler
Room 52 – No change
Room 53 – 1 balor – role-play, combat.
Room 54 – No change
Room 55 – 2 Firebred Hell Hounds, 1 Hell Hound – combat
Room 56 – 1 abyssal ghoul devourer, 1 abyssal ghoul hungerer, 1 abyssal ghoul, 3 ravenous ghouls, 3 ghouls
Room 57 – 1 Iron Golem Juggernaut combat
Room 62 – Elder Blue Dragon
Room 63 – 1 of each salamander – combat
Room 64 – 2 fell wyverns
Room 65 – 1 earth titan, 1 stone titan, 1 stone giant runecarver
Room 66 – 1 manticore striker, 1 manticore impaler, 1 manticore spike hurler, 1 manticore sky hunter
Room 67 – 1 iron golem, 1 clay golem
Room 68 – Sharks, water - skills challenge
Room 69 – 1 venom maw hydra

Re: Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:19 pm
by ripvanwormer
Magens got 4e stats in Dragon #418, if that helps.

Re: Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:37 pm
by Bouv
That does thanks!

Re: Castle Amber to 4E

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:58 pm
by Bouv
Alright, so after realizing I created some of the encounters wrong, I've gone back and double checked stuff. Thankfully, most of it was easy to fix, if it needed fixing at all. However, the one stop I'm racking my brain on is what to use for the Brain Collector towards the end. I was originally just going to use mind flayers with different descriptions but they are too high powered. Anything else, from 4E, that might make a good substitution?