Heroes of Feywild update

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Heroes of Feywild update

Postby Birchbeer » Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:25 pm

The September update includes the races from Heroes of Feywild:

Hamadryad: Hamadryads are the enchanting spirits of oak trees. At one with nature, they can be as calm as the autumn sunset one moment and as violent as a thunderstorm the next.

Pixie: Childlike fairies full of wonder and magic, the tiny pixies fly on vibrant wings and vanish into thin air on a whim.

Satyr: Half humanoid and half goat, satyrs love music and celebration, and they constantly seek the chance to prove themselves good friends and deadly enemies.

Do Hamadryad's fit into Mystara? I don't have PC1 in front of me, but I recall the Pixie being a race in the book.

Other updates include an essentials style witch and bard subclass (different main classes).

(Edited as I got PC 1 and 3 confused. Thanks Havard :)
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Re: Heroes of Feywild update

Postby Havard » Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:47 pm

Birchbeer wrote: Do Hamadryad's fit into Mystara? I don't have PC3 in front of me, but I recall the Pixie being a race in the book.

You are thinking about PC1 Tall Tales of the Wee Folk, but yeah, they have Hamadryads, Satyrs(Fauns), Pixies and many other races.

Thanks for the updates on this book. It is one that I am thinking about picking up :)


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