Gamma World PbP starting up.

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Gamma World PbP starting up.

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Not exactly sure where to post this, so please move if necessary. :)

MODERATOR NOTE (by Big Mac): The Magic Mirror forum is for this sort of thing. I've left a redirect in the Gamma World forum, so you have two chances of this being spotted.

Over at Unseen Servant we are starting up a new GW PbP game here: ... =21&t=1485

As per the GM:
tooleychris wrote:,Image

Thinking about just doing it!
I wanna run a 1st edition Gamma World campaign that will be more like Defiance than the standard 300 years after world war III scenario.
THE premise will be Aliens have come and were Real nice at first. Sharing tech, helping end world poverty, cleaning up the atmosphere and oceans, ect...but this was just a ruse to get their atmo generators up and running.
Began terraforming Earth.
Nothing the people of Earth could do impeded the aliens superror tech.
The atmosphere generators they used to terraform the planet caused death in 70% of the world's population. 20% were mutated in strange and unexpected ways, while 10% were totally immune.
Right when it looked like the end, 2 slave races the visitors brought with them rebelled and destroyed the "mother ship" leaving the rest to fend for themselves.

This game will allow altered humans, mutated animals, mutated plants, pure strain humans, and as a twist, I'm going to throw in the Dralasites, the Vrusk, and Yazirians from Star Frontiers.
Oh, one important thing. Needs to be relatively fast paced so players should be able to post at MINIMUM 2x per day. No waiting a week for a character to move 10 feet! :lol:
I don't have the house rules all worked out yet but thought I might see if there was interest.

Any interest?

Come check it out if interested!

Be well all!

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