** GM Looking for players ** online w/roll20

Mirror, mirror, so tall and so grand, show me the nearest gaming group in the land.
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** GM Looking for players ** online w/roll20

Post by fkewl » Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:13 pm

** GM Looking for players ** Next game, today (Friday) **
Our group got a bit smaller when Work (the Orcish Slavemaster) intruded and abducted a player.
We game with Microlite74 rules. In the world of Mystara, we venture forth in TSR modules (currently near the end of B11) - With 3 players, we are missing 1-2 for a good group - Games are bi-weekly on Fridays, 8pm to midnight (EST). We play online with Roll20/Google Hangout ** Reply to this post or send me a msg if interested!**

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