** Looking for Adventurers in Mystara**

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** Looking for Adventurers in Mystara**

Postby fkewl » Wed Sep 24, 2014 3:02 pm

Hail adventurer! Looking for that old school feel of 0e/Becmi? Explore, Conquer and Save against Poisons in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos ! 3 Adventurers and a DM are missing a few good persons to make their mark in the Known World. As DM, I use modules like B11 with a few flourishes for your Player Character to grow to the mighty Hero he can be.
We are using a rules-lite d20 system with all the flavor of old school DnD called Microlite74. All the rules of 0e/Becmi but with a d20 system (like Ascending AC). But i garantee the rules will not be a primary focus in the game, unlike Pathfinder and the rest, as the roleplaying and exploration takes most of the evening! Battles are fast and furious :)
We play biweekly on Friday's (every second Friday) from 8pm EST to midnight. We play online with Roll20.net interface for maps/tokens and use Google chat so we can talk to each other. So message me or respond to this post if interested!
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