On-line Greyhawk Campaign via Fantasy Grounds

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On-line Greyhawk Campaign via Fantasy Grounds

Postby JohnD » Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:49 am

I'm looking for a player or two to add to a C&C campaign; either a newly started campaign or one that has been active for ~ 18 months or so. Both could use an extra person.

On-line using Fantasy Grounds. Teamspeak for communications.

Every second or third Friday evening 8 or 9 PM start, 11ish PM end in Central time zone.

Setting is Greyhawk, old AD&D campaign module to form the basis for starting adventure.

I have Ultimate FG license so no cost to join, just be able to play nicely in the sandbox with the other kids. CK is mid-40s, fine with players who are similar. PM if interested.

The I have been running games since 1979, I enjoy gaming. If anyone is interested, please PM here or on the FG website (same user id).
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