[pre-LFG] Interest Check: Planescape/Star*Drive Crossover?

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[pre-LFG] Interest Check: Planescape/Star*Drive Crossover?

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Planning on putting together a campaign of sorts-- two campaigns, really, run concurrently with the same players.

One is a Planescape campaign, and the other is set in the Star*Drive setting-- the default setting for TSR's Alternity RPG. Each player will control a character in each campaign... as the two settings slowly merge.

Since these settings have never had a system in common-- except, barely, 3.X and d20F-- I will be running in the much simpler Barbarians of Lemuria system. I'll be using the Mythic Edition rules... but familiarity with any of the other versions of the game should be more than sufficient.

Given the nature of the concurrent campaigns, I intend to run the game play-by-post on Myth Weavers.

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