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Running Labyrinth Lord in Barrowmaze Friday Nights using Roll20

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:11 pm
by DMSamuel
Porky MacIntosh stumbled into Helix last week, muttering about skeletons and treasure chests. No one paid him any attention until he bought 3 rounds of drinks for everyone at The Brazen Strumpet. Helix has been awash in rumors ever since - some say Porky gave Karg Barrelgut a 4 gold piece deposit for a broadsword. Gamdar let slip that Porky made a 2 gold piece donation to the Shrine of St. Ygg. Taycee told a trader from Bogtown that Porky got into one of the Barrowmounds and into the maze, finding dozens of gold pieces. A crush of new faces are coming into Helix now, all looking to get rich quick. Are you one of those?

Long time DM looking to run a weekly Labyrinth Lord game using Greg Gillespie's awesome Barrowmaze Complete.

Start Time: 8pm EST (can push to 9pm if necessary)
End Time: 11pm EST (I'm open to going for 1 or 2 more hours as long as the whole group agrees on a session by session basis)

First Session: Friday, August 17th

This is a wonderful megadungeon and it can be played on an episodic basis, so even if you can't make it every week, you can still join the group. Right now I have 4 players, but there is room for more due to the episodic nature and the deadliness of the game. If you want in, let me know the following information either by PM or by posting here:

1) How much RPG experience do you have?
2) Do you primarily Play or GM?
3) How familiar are you with Labyrinth Lord?
4) How familiar are you with the Barrowmaze?
5) What sort of character do you like to play?
6) Does it bother you if a low level PC dies?