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[RPGs LFG] Giorgio’s 2019 Spring Term Request

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:40 pm
by Giorgio
[RPGs LFG] Giorgio’s 2019 Spring Term Request
I have a survey/poll on a separate post here, but in addition to those ten RPGs I would like to run as a GM, I would like to also play the following games listed below if any GM would like to run a demo, one-shot or campaign; F2F if in Tampa or St. Petersburg FL, online via Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds if not. Send me DM/PM if you are looking for players and our schedules match up. :)
My availability dates and times for playing from FEB-MAY 2019 are:
FRI, SAT, SUN, MON: 12-9pm EST
WEN: 9am-9pm EST
Key: * = Do not own any gaming products.
-Freeway Warrior*
Catalyst Game Labs
-Mechwarrior 4E (A Time of War)
-Shadowrun 5E
Cubicle 7 Entertainment
-Lone Wolf Adventure Game
-The One Ring
-WH Fantasy 4E*
Dream Pod 9
-CORE Command*
-Gear Krieg*
-Heavy Gear*
-Jovian Chronicles*
Evil Hat Productions
- The Dresden Files*
Fantasy Flight Games
-Legends of the Five Rings*
-Star Wars
-Earth Dawn*
Free League Publishing
- Forbidden Lands*
Game Designer’s Workshop
-Twilight 2000*
Green Ronin
-A Song of Fire and Ice (GOT)*
-The Expanse
Hunters Entertainment
- Outbreak: Undead*
Margaret Weis Productions
- Firefly/Serenity*
Mongoose Publishing
-Babylon 5*
-Starship Troopers*
-Pathfinder (Golarion)
-Pathfinder (ROTRL)
-Starfinder *
Privateer Press
-Iron Kingdoms (HB)
RPG Objects
-Darwin’s World*
Palladium Books
-After the Bomb*
Sasquatch Game Studios
-Alternity Protostar
Serpent King Games
- Dragon Warrior*
Sine Nomine Publishing
-Stars Without Numbers*
Timelime LTD
-The Morrow Project
Ulisses North America
-Fading Suns*
-WH40K (Various Settings)*
-WH40K Wrath & Glory
West End Games
-D6 Star Wars*
-Dark Sun*
-Gama World*
-Nentir Vale*
-Star Frontiers*