[DnD 5e] Player-led, beginner-friendly campaign on Skype

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[DnD 5e] Player-led, beginner-friendly campaign on Skype

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Every second Sunday at 20:00 (GMT+2; Central European Timezone).


D&D5e Players' Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide, potentially any official D&D 5e published hardback in the Forgotten Realms if players convince the DM.


Brave players and one foolhardy DM brave the 3rd chapter of the Dungeon Master's Guide to create and play an adventure from scratch.

We pick 1st-level characters from the D&D website:

http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/feature ... ter_sheets

The story so far includes a investigating a kidnapping, the slaughter of an entire village by demons, and a forced promise to help out a Zhentarim mercenary band at some inconvenient future point.

I'm drawing on published adventures for ease of plotting and inspiration but not slavishly following them unless it makes sense. I'm developing the adventure hooks by consulting the players all the way, I only want to run the adventure my players want to play (so far it involves a lot of rolls on the DMG table! ;-) )

The longer term aim is just to keep playing and see what develops, be it unexpected quests, spawning IRL groups, additional parties, etc.

How to apply:

Join us next fortnight and every fortnight on Meetup:

https://www.meetup.com/Frankfurt-Dungeo ... ttqyzgbkb/

Don't forget to check out the Basic Rules and grab a character and some dice:


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