4 Sessions using BECMI, set in Karameikos, on Roll20

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4 Sessions using BECMI, set in Karameikos, on Roll20

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Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for a mixed group of four players to play this four-session mini-campaign set in Karameikos and using the BECMI rules-set. Our sessions (all four) will be held weekly on Sunday, 9PM GMT+2, starting May 5th, for two hours each, using Roll20 and Discord (video & audio).

You can be a total beginner or a hardened veteran - I welcome all players as long as they respect other humans, are positive, and avoid sexism, racism, homophobia or other bullshit.

I focus on storytelling and mystery - that doesn't mean your swords will stay in their scabbards!

If you want to see me in action - head here: https://youtube.com/idotamir

I require good audio and video from all my participants - FYI.

Head here to LMK if you are interested! https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/1569 ... f-krakatos

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