Get your Dark Age on! (Roll20)

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Get your Dark Age on! (Roll20)

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Hello Piazzans,

I’m looking for a couple of players to fortify an existing Roll20 group in a Dark Age-themed campaign. The current group is rogue-heavy and light on healing and muscle, and I’d like to beef them up to face greater challenges. It’s a grognardy 2e-AD&D-variant campaign, so I thought it more likely I’d find kindred spirits here at the Piazza than among the Roll20 gen. pop.

The low-down:

Setting: Fictional realm loosely based on 8th-century England. Races and classes/kits partially based on the article Dark Ages by Ian Malcomson (Dragon #257.)

Style: Grognardy low-fantasy. Moderately realistic coin-poor society/economy. I stress this because I know that some players would not enjoy a world where, at Level 2, none of the PCs have seen a gold coin or a magic item yet. Although there will be gold and magic items eventually, the main rewards will be story-based: status, renown, lands, position etc.

Characters: Must be believable Dark Age characters, rolled in-game with setting-appropriate classes, kits, and names. No tongue-in-cheek characters, no Evils. Preference goes to anyone willing to role-play the heck out of a dark-age priest.

Ruleset/Character Sheet: A hybrid built on an AD&D 2e chassis, with some d20 mechanical upgrades. (No Thac0s!)

Interface: Discord for audio. No video.

Game time: This is subject to some changes. Currently we are working around temporary RL schedule limitations, and have been limited to short sessions on Sunday evenings, 6PM Eastern US (10PM GMT). As things change, I’ll schedule as needed (including one-off sessions) to meet the wishes of the majority of players.

Players/DM: We are mostly newbies to Roll20, so other newbies are welcome. (Roll20 experts may require patience.) It’s an easy-going laid-back group, and the #1 priority is to keep it that way. Rude or disruptive behavior earns immediate exit.


if you are ready to put down the plow and draw your seax to defend the King’s peace, message me!

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