RPOL Game ADnD1e Seeking Players (Pelinore)

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RPOL Game ADnD1e Seeking Players (Pelinore)

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I have decided to try and run one of my favourite Pelinore scenarios over at RPoL - Rod of Seraillian. It's a scenario for characters of levels 7 to 9 (250k XP budget) and so far we have a Thief, a Druid/Magic User and a Bard. We could really use at least two clerics, maybe another magic user (or illusionist) and a couple of tanks.
Travelling long distances is the constant lot of the adventurer. This time, their quest will take them across the sea, and deep into the interior of a country they know little about, to retrieve an artefact stolen by one bunch of clerics from another. Now, we all know that meddling in the affairs of the Gods can be a hazardous affair, but this time the Gods haven't been worshipped for hundreds of years, and their clerics slaughtered each other in a great battle back in the distant past. Maybe this is that adventure we've all been waiting for, where the treasure is sort of just sitting there, and all we have to do is go and get it...
If you're interested, please pop over to the game and check it out.
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