Learn To Hack(Learn to play HackMaster) on Google+ Hangouts

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Learn To Hack(Learn to play HackMaster) on Google+ Hangouts

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I'm starting up a new game of HackMaster using Google+ Hangouts for anyone who wants to learn to play. You don't have to have any books to play. Space will be limited to 5(or maybe 6) people. It will be held on Tuesdays 6pm to 10pm CST(GMT-6). First game session is this Tuesday and everyone will be creating characters. We'll go through character creation and I'll be teaching HackMaster game mechanics and then every Tuesday we will be playing. I hope to have one experienced player in the group to act as a Player Mentor and help out.

Primary Communication about scheduling is on the Kenzer&Co Forums in the Groups area in this thread;
http://www.kenzerco.com/forums/group.ph ... do=discuss
If you wish to play, please post in that Group Thread

I have also created a Blog that has discussion of Setting, Rules and GMing info. I'll also be posting recaps on the blog;

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