[PbP] using DD rule set looking for players

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[PbP] using DD rule set looking for players

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Crossposting as recommended by Havard. :)

Looking for interest here: http://www.unseenservant.us/forum/viewt ... 520#p27520 for a Dark Dungeons game.

The game would be set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos and would use, as its base, the In Search of Adventure compilation of B2-9. The DM plans on running a sandbox.

The game would be using the Dark Dungeons ruleset.

As per the DM:
thirdkingdom wrote:I run a pretty fast-paced game and aim for at minimum a 24-hour turn around for combat. Role-playing is fine, but I prefer that each post "count" towards moving the action forward, especially if there is a choice on the table. For instance, if the PCs are trying to decide which corridor to take, you can role-play as much as you like, but please include a preference as to the desired direction in your post. I also follw encumbrance rules fairly closely. My feeling is that in a game where XP is based upon the amount of treasure you bring home you had better have a pretty good idea how much you can carry.

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