Any Gamers in the Cape Cod/Wareham/South Shore area of Mass?

Mirror, mirror, so tall and so grand, show me the nearest gaming group in the land.
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Any Gamers in the Cape Cod/Wareham/South Shore area of Mass?

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Hello there! I am just curious if there are any gamers around who might be interested in a Saturday game. I am open to what type of game. I have a background in pre-4e D&D and I current run a few Pathfinder PbPs in various places. I am always open to old-school clones, or wholly different systems if you can provide the rules. I have lots of peripherals like minis and dice, but my situation dictates that I cannot travel, so it would have to be at my house. Post up if there is any interest.

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Re: Any Gamers in the Cape Cod/Wareham/South Shore area of M

Post by BlackBat242 »

The closest player I know is on Long Island.

But he runs an on-line "virtual tabletop" game Wednesday nights (from 8:30 pm to midnight EST)... 2E AD&D with some 1E stuff (mainly things like my druidess... ;) ).

It works really well, and allows us players from California, Canada, western Colorado, New York, etc. to all play together. We use MapTool, which has chat functions, die-roller macros, and a very versatile map set-up (with tokens that can be moved like minis on a board).

We use a voice-chat program, Ventrilo, to talk to each other direct/real-time, to add to the "almost like being in the same room" feel.

If you can't leave your house, that would really be the way for you to go.

I'm in another such game on Monday nights, using OpenRPG, which is another of the many "virtual tabletop" programs that can be used.
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