Philosophies of the Edge

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Philosophies of the Edge

Postby LoZompatore » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:35 am

This is mostly an unfinished sketch of mine about an higher set of beliefs different from reverence to a deity. See if such a concept could be included in the setting. Modifications, expansions and criticism is more than welcome about this topic. [:)]

With the term "philosophy" it is intended a “political movement/religion /collection of beliefs” which is widely followed by both mundane and esoteric creatures in the pocket plane of the Edge.
A philosophy tries to answer to the question: “What’s the ultimate scope of the Edge pocket plane? Why it drifts, why did it brought us here?”.
The possible answers to such a question will pool creatures from the mundane and the esoteric plane, to the point that even powerful beings like the deities themselves could “believe” to one of such philosophies.

Most philosophies have strongholds and outposts scattered everywhere on the pocket plane, and in general they act on a higher level with respect to "common" religions (reverence for a being of the esoteric plane in exchange for clerical powers) as a philosophy may gather even several deities under its beliefs.
Notice also that mundane followers of a given philosophy very often will have clerical powers granted by some deities who follow the same philosophy so, in principle, it could be possible to have clerics who do not seemingly follows any deity.

In the following list there are a few of the most common philosophies found in the Edge:

The Mergers:

This is a philosophy who believes that the arrival of so many races and creatures on the pocket plane has the scope to create the quintessential perfect society, where everyone is represented. The final scope of the Merger is to encourage and accelerate this process by uniting the whole plane into a single social entity.
The Mergers have bases and outposts scattered everywhere in the pocket Plane: they are very motivated, expansionist, tolerant people and welcome any foreigner to join their movement.
They use indifferently gentle persuasion, diplomacy or warfare in order to expand their territories or increase the number of followers. The movement is prone to schisms every time the correct interpretation of what the final society would resemble is involved.
Those spin-offs sometime try to reunite the whole movement under a single rule, and long conflicts may arise between two or more factions.

The Pursuers:

A philosophy who believes that the Edge is a place to store al the knowledge of the Multiverse by gathering there samples of every intelligent culture; the Pursuers help the process by storing any knowledge and lore they manage to get from newcomers. The sheer number of scattered extraplanar people who enter the Edge every day is overwhelming, so the task is actually impossible. The Pursuers are well aware of this and do not bother too much about losing potential sources of lore, as they believe that every information from the newcomers is automatically stored by the pocket plane itself in some hidden and not accessible place. The Pursuers content themselves to act just as a "memory backup" trying to collect as much information as possible and making it available and widespread for the other inhabitants of the Plane.

The Raiders:

There are also those who believe that the intended function of the drifting Edge pocket Plane is to act as a perfect base to collect wealth from other parts of the Multiverse. The Raiders believe that the whole pocket plane is a mixture between a treasure chamber and a zoo: the extraplanar gates are the way used by "the Great Collector" to enrich its own loot of treasures and creatures (which includes also lesser deities) for its "garden". The raiders try to "take their share of the loot" by crossing the most stable extraplanar gates to raid other locations until the extraplanar gate closes. Despite their aggressive behavior and beliefs the raiders would never attack or steal from newcomers who appeared through a planar gate (or from the Edge inhabitants in general) as they do not want to offend the Great Collector by ruining its loot. Instead they would consider as their exclusive properties anything and anyone they managed to take from the other planes of existence during their raids, and they dispose of it accordingly.

The Challengers:

The followers of this philosophy believe that the pocket plane is an arena where the individual must prove its own worth against an unending number of newcomers in exchange for an unspecified prize. This sect of very individualistic people is split in many different schools, each devoted to the perfection of just one aspect of their selves. Many followers stay with a school to learn some skill and challenge others until they believe they have earned the reward they deserve in that particular field, then they move to follow another path of self-improvement. As a rule of thumb, physical and combat skills are improved in the early part of a follower's life (but exceptions abound) while mental skills and magic are learnt at older ages.

That's all. let me know what you think about this idea [;)]
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Re: Philosophies of the Edge

Postby Ashtagon » Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:38 am

Interesting ideas, but I think developing this may distract from the core "castaways thrown together" direction that the setting is meant to evoke, in favour of a more Planescape-esque war of ideas.
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Re: Philosophies of the Edge

Postby LoZompatore » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:33 pm

True. Well, it was not my intention to discard the traditional system of deities and so on, let alone adopting Planescape-like features. My idea was describing an alternative way to give clerical spells to those people who do not revere any spcific deity.
I sketched the notes above as a first draft. Of course I'm open to any suggestion ;)
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