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We left our old worlds, each of us. This is it. We can't go any farther. This is The Edge.
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Add your own contribution here!

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The post about the Tawakis by Admiralsquish is a very nice contribution to the setting: the Tawakis waere developed for another setting but, thanks to the many-sided features of the Edge, it is possible to include it in our setting with ease.

Now, I'm wondering if any of the many creative people who often come to visit this subforum would like to introduce a few of their own old creations to be included in the Edge. I'm sure they could be added to the settings without major modifications (or modifications at all), ad I think they would be a more than welcome addition to one of the many undescribed regions of Thalassa (or other places of the Edge). Even sketchy information would be good at this stage of development. ;)

Useful reference maps where to place any of your creations can be found here and here.

I'm not sure when somebody would post the first reply to this thread. For the readers, let's assume this is a permanent request for the setting. ;)

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