Player's Guide?

We left our old worlds, each of us. This is it. We can't go any farther. This is The Edge.
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Player's Guide?

Post by Havard »

Was there ever a Player's Guide written for the Edge? Is there enough material to compile a quick newbie booklet? :)


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Re: Player's Guide?

Post by Chimpman »

IIRC the closest thing we ever had to a guide (of any kind) was Zomp's document.
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Re: Player's Guide?

Post by LoZompatore »

Was there ever a Player's Guide written for the Edge? Is there enough material to compile a quick newbie booklet?
As Chimpman correctly said, the old MS Word document I wrote in 2010 is the only "guide" to the setting ever written, even if the sum of Bossynock articles about the Fiori Hills could represent a good starting point for a campaign set in this region.

I'm not sure about the setting being self-sufficient - with enough info for a newbie booklet -but some areas are pretty well-detailed and close to the "critical mass". Maybe a basic sample adventure would be of much help, I suppose.

The 2.0 Edge document never saw the light basically because I suddenly felt rather discomforted in writing a booklet where a great amount of the information inside came from just 3-4 authors (including myself). :?
Out of any debate, wasn't the Edge supposed to be a cooperative project from the Piazza fanbase, in order to create a copyright-free world to be developed? If there is just a handful of authors actively involved on it, how the setting can be qualitatively different form any other homemade RPG world? :|
I enjoyed (and still enjoy) a lot all the cartography and article writing and also the campaign setting drafting but I really wouldn't like it to become a too-personal campaign setting: being such the case, I feel that most people would be not interested on it, and I may for sure lay down a setting of my own at home to be played with my RPG group, without the need to post it here. ;)

Anyway, I updated the message board with a couple of new global maps, hope you'll find them useful! :mrgreen:

I'll also copy here the links for the documents I just posted on the Edge 2.0 topic:

- The original Word document Edge 1.0 can be downloaded from here

- A working copy with notes (not a true 2.0 version, but a small improvement on the 1.0 document) can be downloaded from here.

Please notice that also this working copy is rather outdated, as many new info were posted on this message board since it was last revised (say a year and half ago, I guess).
Actually I'm afraid the most updated version of the setting is fragmented among the many topics of the Edge subforum.

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