Gods of the Wilderlands

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Gods of the Wilderlands

Postby ZardokhasSpoken » Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:03 am

One of my all time favorite supplements for any RPG is Unknown Gods. I recently purchased the updated version from Judges Guild but was unhappy to see it did not include the Major Gods from the original source material. So, I have taken it upon myself to rework the supplement to include these deities. My question is, am I missing any? Please add to the list below and reference its source if you know it. Thanks in advance!

Armadad Bog, God of the Viridians, Water God of Death

Athena, Battle Goddess of Wisdom

Harmakhis, God of Death

Mitra, God of Justice, Fire and Law

Mycr, the Unknown One

Nephtlys, Goddess of Wealth

Odin, Battle God of Knowledge

Set, God of Evil and the Night

Thor, Battle God of Lightning and Storms

Seker, God of Light

Thoth, God of Knowledge and Learning

Adorak Tau, Sun God of the Gishmesh

Amala, Warrior Goddess

Aram Kor

Dunatis, God of Mountains

Hanuman the Accursed, Ape God

The Kutrilogy - Kutalagon, Kutabold, and Kutienna

Natch Ur, God of Deep Earth

Rosmerta, Goddess of Wealth

Selanii, Paldorian Goddess of the Sea

Shang Ta, God of the Sky

Tama Hama, Goddess of Passion and Lust


Ugtargnt, Demon-Goddess of Disease

Yezud, the Spider God

Yog, God of the Outer Darkness

Vala Tar, Sea-Mother

Angall of the Perpetual Void

Modron, Demi-goddess of the Estuary of Roglaroon

Mokmalla, Demi-goddess of Love

Morg, Demi-god of Order

Gods of Pegana

The Toad God of the Mermist Swamp

Zin Naou, Demi-god of Disease

Rash'l, God of Tyranny (by James Mishler)

Matu, the Sky God (from Wondrous Weapons)

Aule (Worshipped by Urturi the Red in the article Esgalbar, Hidden Dwelling of the Elves, in JGJ#11, but strangely, not mentioned in James Mishler's Adventure Games Journal #1)
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Re: Gods of the Wilderlands

Postby ZardokhasSpoken » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:09 am

Was just pointed to the other thread started by Havard. I see many I have missed, but Matu the Sky God from Wondrous Weapons I see is not listed. I will make a combined list here.
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Re: Gods of the Wilderlands

Postby ZardokhasSpoken » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:07 pm

I have an updated list cross referenced with all the source material at www.dragonsfoot.org. I will try to paste it here as well.
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Re: Gods of the Wilderlands

Postby ZardokhasSpoken » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:08 pm

City State (Necromancer Version):
Gods of Pegana (Mana, Yood, Sushi) - pg 8, 124, 125
Spider God - pg 39, 99, 172, 200-205
Bast - pg 40
Harmakhis - pg 55, 102, 104
Toad God - pg 59
Balder - pg 63
Varuna, Demi-god of Cosmic Law and Justice - pg 71
Hanuman the Accursed - pg 75
Idun - pg 77
Manannan - pg 92
Pan - pg 98
Nephtlys - pg 99
Odin - pg 102, 156
Thoth - pg 103, 104
Morg - pg 104
Renenet (Reneat?), Goddess of Good Fortune - pg 107
Arghrasmak, Gargoyle God - pg 114
Silvanus, the Forest God - pg 129
Slain god Emig - pg 134
God of Sewers - pg 249, (write-up) 262-3
Fenris Wolf - pg 156

The following are said to be within CSIO but I could not locate them in the Necromancer version:

Temple of Rosmerta (Rosmerta):
Thunderhold Temple of Goibhnie(Goibhnie), Blacksmith of the Gods: Thunderhold
The Dagda
The Fly God
Ran, Goddess of Death

World Emperor
Armadad Bog (God of Death)
Shang Ta (sky god)
Natch Ur (God of deep earth)
Tama Hama
Sordigon -Ravathene has a statue from this religion found in an abandoned temple - Guidebook 3 pg 66
Mycr (The Unknown one)
The Red Demon Raider -Shops pg 51
Fagma Goddess
The Forest God (the Great Stag)

“Pudage” Adorak-Tau, Sun God pg 7
“Guedankst” Selanii, Goddess of the Sea pg 8
“Olna Kodue” Tolna Budane, God of Light pg 8
Zin Naou, God of Disease pg 8
“Roule Dona” Polna Ku, Goddess of Desire pg 8
“Seekers of Insight” Learden Su, God of Knowledge pg 8
The Wolf God; book 2 pg 26
The Dancing Snake God; book 2 pg 26

Modron Goddess of Rivers - write-up pg 5,6
Proteus "Shepherd of Neptune" - pg 6
Mitra - pg 7, 21, 27

Wraith Overlord
“…priest of a god of drink,” Chezl, pg 9
Evil God of Pagana - Room D pg 41
Abanadoned God of Thieves - pg 47
Secret, specialized God (of thieves?)- reference to, pg 48
Spider God - pg 55
Goddess of Wealth (within the Temple of the Spider God) - pgs 55-59
The Sewer God - pg 65
Odin, pg 109

Issue #1(Black ring)
Dionysus - pg 52
Issue #2
No References
Issues #3(Isle of Blest)
Enlifos (Moon Goddess)
Amlifos (Moon Goddess)
Issue #4
No References
Issue #5
No References
Issue #6 (The Azurerain Pirates)
Issue #7 (Kthentas Dark Repose)
464 Demons of Despair
The Laughing One
Issue #8 (Threat in the North)
Artgranax / Athranax?
Issue #9 (Nirang’s keep)
Issue #10(Revenge of the Ant God)
Unnamed Ant God
Issue #11
No official references (a piece on weapons pg 17 has several gods, but unclear if they belong in the JG world)
My contention is they do, as all those mentioned are from Unknown Gods
Issue #12 (Ignoble Inns)
Issue #13

Issue #14
No references
Issue #15
Cilborith - pg 33

Fortress Badabaskor
Angall of the Perpetual Void - pg 5 and mentioned throughout
Regjherbal, the Lord of Three Deaths (really a hydra) - pg 25
Zanaaphic All king of the Spirit Universe - pg 5

Mines of Custalcon

Spies of Light Elf
Grome, King of the Land Below the Roots - pg 8

Wondrous Weapons
Thor - pg 7, 10
Heidnel (Heimdal?) - pg 7
Odin - pg 7
Borin Sure-eye (claims this god is dead) - pg 14
Matu, the Sky God - pg 17
Luniste, God of Thunderstorms - pg 21
Mitra - pg 45
Satan - pg 47
“Gods of Law” - pg 47

Wondrous Relics
Beeman, demi-god - pg 6
Crizil? (could be a god or the name of his high priest) - pg 7
Volcanis, the Volcano God - pg 15
Dwarlu, demi-god and fighter of evil, only parts of his petrified hand remain - pg 29
This work also has several references to Saints and Heroes

Book of Ruins
Tarsham, demi-god of Earth - pg 25 and full write up pg 26
Shellost, demi-god of Earth - pg 25 and full write up pg 26

Witches Court Marshes
The "one all-powerful, all knowing god" (most likely Mycr) - page 11, 18
Vedren One-Hand prayed for provender, which was granted (I plan to use Bastiken, given the circumstances) - page 12

Shield Maidens of Sea Rune
Odin - page 6, 9
Thor - page 6, 7
Freya - page 9
Tsathoggus - page 27
Mitra - pge 27
Thiria, Moon Goddess - page 63,

Wilderlands of High Fantasy

Fantastic Wilderlands Beyond

Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches

Wilderlands of the Magic Realm(maps 11,12,13,14)
Unknown Sea god of the Sea-Sovreign Islands
Unknown goddess of Island of Metallantor
Unknown Great Mother of Island of Hant
Unknown ancient god. Possibly a snake god?
Unknown Sun god worshipped by pacifist monks
Unknown Sea nymph god
Unknown God of the Slain Islanders. Demands human sacrifices each full moon.
Unknown Statue of an unnamed warrior god
Unknown Idol of an unnamed 10-armed god(dess?)
Unknown Unnamed forgotten god. Associated with dryads?

Book of Treasure Maps I
Hanuman the Accursed
Thunderwind the Wolf God - pg 28

Book of Treasure Maps II
Unnamed Forgotten God of Evil

Book of Treasure Maps III

Ilheidrin Book
Bastiken, God of Farmers and Fields - pg 18, 20

Caverns of Thracia
Thanatos, God of Death - pg 6, 7, (Incarnation of) 24, 25, 57,
Athena - pg 23
Apollo - pg 47
Zeus - pg 67
“goddess of love” - pg 70

Citadel of Fire
Matu, God of Battle - pg 8, 17 (also referred to Ares in the text, a link maintained in all editions)
Caleigh (Calieh), Lesser God of Thieves, Liars, and Gamblers- pg 8, 17

Dark Tower
Mitra - pg 5+
Set - pg 5+
Ishtar - pg 42

Druids of Doom
Astokph - God of Travel and Transporter of the Dead - pg 3-5, 7, 10
Snake-god - pg 24
God of the Forest - pg 34
Goddess of the Forest - pg 35

Fantastic Personalities
Rashtri - pg3, 41 Thoth - pg 5 Fenris Wolf - pg 5 Mau Yuan Shaui - pg 6
Shiva - pg 9 Penelopania - pg 11 Vicon - pg 11 Tyrebil - pg 13
Tar-Ark - pg 14 Ra - pg 24 Ayu - pg 24 Isis - pg 27
Teros - pg 27 Celtic Gods - pg 31 Loki - pg 31, 52 Bes - pg 33, 37, 39, 55
Odin - pg 33, 45 Apollo - pg 34 Feninva - pg 36, 43 Aphrodite - pg 37
Mungo - pg 40 Bachontoi - pg 40 Vishnu - pg 42 Aeger - pg 44
Lord Skortch - pg 45, 57 Sashu - pg 47 Hermes - pg 47 Shiva - pg 49
Mesha - pg 50, 56 Frantilla - pg 51 Thor - pg 52 Losborst - pg 53
Tel Star - pg 58 Ilwhynd - pg 60 Molna - pg 61 Selyton - pg 62

F’dech Fo’s Tomb
Utigetcho, God of the Jungles, the Jaguar God - pg 5 and full write up pg 14

First Fantasy campaign (Above map 3?)
None, unless you count the Church of The Facts of Life, whose god, naturally, would have to look like Tootie

Frontier Forts of Kelnore

Glory Hole Dwarven Mine

Lost Man's Trail
“Gods of the Grymlocks” - pg 31

Pirates of Hagrost

Prey of Darkness
Gore, Four-Headed Orc God - pg 4
Blood, Orc God - pg 21

Tegel Manor
Tsathoggus, the Frog God - pg 3
Thor - pg 4
Harmakis (G11) - pg 16
Quetzalcoatl (I8) - pg 18
Odin (K1) - pg 19
Vali - pg 19
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Re: Gods of the Wilderlands

Postby ZardokhasSpoken » Sun May 21, 2017 1:57 pm

I have completed lists of every Wilderlands god referenced by supplement and alphabetical. I tried to copy and paste it here but kept getting bumped off. You can find the lists here: http://www.dragonsfoot.org/forums/viewt ... 11&t=76741
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Re: Gods of the Wilderlands

Postby Big Mac » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:10 am

Nice project! Do you think you have found all of the deities now?
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Re: Gods of the Wilderlands

Postby ZardokhasSpoken » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:53 pm

Big Mac wrote:Nice project! Do you think you have found all of the deities now?

I doubt it. I am still going thru some of the newer products. I have about 4 dieties to go before all entries are done.
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