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Xander 212's World of Warcraft forum moved

Post by Big Mac » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:26 pm

I'll post a link when I work out what the new URL is.

EDIT: Here is the New URL:

EDIT2: Here is the text of the email I was sent by Yuku (with my personal activation links removed):
Yuku wrote:Dear Big Mac,

Welcome to Yuku!

We upgraded this Forumer site to a new forum experience and you are now part of the Yuku family. This upgrade brings you the benefits of a new home forum plus a new community of sites to explore.

New username has been generated for you because the old one contained invalid characters. In order to change your username enter this link: <bespoke link removed>

To get started, just click the link below to set your new password and log into your new Yuku account:
<bespoke link removed>
Username: <username removed>
Password: <password removed>
If you have problems signing in, please try signing in with your email instead of username

Your new Yuku forum:

If you would like to know more about how the new systems works, visit: http://help.yuku.com.

Again, welcome to the new site and, enjoy!

The Forumer (now Yuku) team.
David "Big Mac" Shepheard
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