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World of Warcraft RPG (5e Fan Conversion Project)

Post by Arrius Nideal » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:17 am

World of Warcraft RPG
5e Fan Conversion
“The sands of time have run out.”
-Medivh, the last Guardian

Many have waited for Blizzard to approve another conversion of their world to the tabletop playing realm. Alas, many waited in vain.
However, tabletop players are well-known for their persistence and tenacity in getting what they want to play (or at least, satisfying themselves with an adequate enough replica).
And thus, the WoWRPG 5e Project begun, in The Piazza Forum, searching (and sometimes stealing) from other 5e fans to craft a suitable tribute and game system. This conversion is of the much-loved World of Warcraft Role Playing Game, as for 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons, made by the fans, for the fans.
This not only includes special classes, races, and magical spells, but also includes magical items, and even a few subsystems built in the streamlined format of 5th edition, for the benefit of all roleplayers.

Google Drive Folder

Current Version: 3.0

This work is purely recreational, and is not intended to contest and/or derive any commercial benefit in any way, shape, or form from any Wizards of the Coast or Blizzard Entertainment products (the D&D 5th Edition Roleplaying game, and product identities including but not limited to Warcraft, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: The Role-Playing Game; all text under the “Description” header of any creature, spell, magic item, artifact, or NPC listing; any elements of the Warcraft setting, including but not limited to capitalized names, names of artifacts, beings, characters, countries, creatures, geographic locations, gods, historic events, magic items, organizations, songs, and spells; any and all stories, storylines, plots, thematic elements, and dialogue; and all artwork, symbols, designs, depictions, illustrations, maps and cartography, likenesses, poses, logos, symbols, or graphic designs), and use of this is non-commercial in purpose, and appeal to the ‘Fair Use’ intent of copyright infringement laws.

Special: For ideas, suggestions, comments, and general discussion of the project, please post in the below thread.
Warcraft RPG 5th Edition...

Update: Beta released (Oct 13, 2015)
Future patches are concerned with adding extra archetypes, spells, and supporting mechanics to create and craft magical items.

Update: Patch 1.4.5 released (December 16, 2015)
System: General organizational cleanup.
Classes: Tinker is now a base class instead of a rogue archetype. It also has three paths: Bomber, Gunner, and Gadgeteer. The details are in the online file.
Skills: Malfunction rate and activation DC of all devices now increases with the increase of device level. Device level is equal to engineering points invested in device.

Update:1.6.3 released (Febuary 8, 2016)
Conjure creature spell added, comprehensive list: Sub-spells Animate Undead and Animate Constructs also added, and added emergency fix for Shaman and several existing spells (Brilliance Aura).

Major Update: released (February 28, 2016); 400 views
Caster Level: Added the concept of 'caster level'. This determines the spell level accessed as a unified table.
Set/Prepared Spells: Alterations to the magic system to clarify how many spells a character has prepared (or set spells). Paladin's Lay on Hands/Death Knight's Corrupting Touch is expended on 50% mana increments instead of 100% of mana after feedback in the PBP.

Update: 1.6.5 released (March 15, 2016); 500 views
System: Added resurrection altars (Alter of Kings/Storms/Darkness, etc.). They can be attuned to for one short rest, and if killed, a character of 5th level can be revived for a rising fee (minimum 1,000 gp, maximum 3,000 gp).
Mana: Also fixed some terminologies under the mana system.

Update: 1.6.6 released (March 26, 2016)
Minor additions of languages.
Spells: old Holy Light/Death Coil removed. Cure Wounds and Inflict Wounds now have a range of 30 feet, and are named Holy Light and Death Coil, respectively (healing 1d8+mod) to make them more accessible and to represent the games better. Rejuvenation is added at level 1 for druids, and Healing Waters are added as level 1 for Shamans.
Monsters: Added goblin shredder and minor monsters.

Update: 1.6.9 released (April 26, 2016)
Races: Addendum for Blood Elves and history
Classes: Mage arcane recovery clarified. Warlock Demonology Metamorphosis Horns deal 1d6 piercing, claws 1d4. Rogue Combat rogues gain proficiency in firearms and explosives. Rogue Subtlety Describe how casting works instead of referring to Arcane Trickster. Rogue Demon Hunter Archetype. Abilities are Demon Magic, Spectral Sight, Dark Metamorphosis, Sorcerous Thirst, and Dread Foe. Focused as an anti-magic anti-demon rogue. Warlocks gain the following spells to their list: Mind blast, Mind Flay, Exorcism (sorry paladins!), Shackle Evil
Spells: Death Pact can be used to regain mana (as the lich's Dark Ritual spell); Conjure Creature now establishes line-of-sight telepathy; Frost Armor wording clarified. Several classes gain the Dominate Creature spell, split depending on class. Now shamans and mages can dominate elementals or undead, and warlocks can dominate fiends. Tattoo spellbooks is now a thing as well. Can't be stolen, but can be harmed.
Creatures: Several creatures now added (wyrmkin, Chimaera, Bog Beasts, and more).

Update: 1.7 released (June 3, 2016)
Classes: Reclassify Demon Hunter under Special and Racial Archetypes. Hunter's Favored Enemy, Vanish, and Sharpshooter abilities improved. Warlock Demonology Metamorphosis changed (belonging more to Demon Hunter, and reflecting Legion's new understanding of warlocks) to Dark Bond, which allows the caster to conentrate on two conjure fiend spells. Coupled with the Demon-soul ability, the warlock can have four effective minions on the field with two concentration effects. Rogue Demon Hunter metamorphosis altered. Hunter Shadow Hunter Archetype added.
Spells: Divine Shield: Can block 10 points of damage per Caster Level before the wards fail. They can also absorb non-hostile spells (although they consume spell power to negate as well). Blessing of Protection: As Divine Shield. Several minor balancing and format issues resolved.
MONSTERS: 10+ monsters added, including mountain and sea giants, harpies, and the dreadful maganataur.

Update: 1.8 released (July 26, 2016)
Classes: Tinker: Replaced the boring Scavenge (and pushed it back) to Superfunction. Added Quick Tech at level 15. Tinker Apothecary added (focused on alchemy, poisons and diseases, as well as constructing undead). Warrior Mountain King added (focused on a specific stance, gaining bloodline magic-casting, and several defensive abilities).
Spells: Several spells added: (Arcane Armor, Capture Essence, Chain Lightning, Conjure Elemental Totem, Curse of Tongues, Earthbind, Earthbind Totem, Earth Shield, Eye of Kilrogg, Fire Nova, Fire Nova Totem, Freezing Sphere, Lava Burst, Lightning Shield, Lightning Storm, Parasite, Resistance Totem, Soulshatter, Storm Bolt, Water Shield, Wind Shear), Several minor balancing and format issues resolved
Monsters: Added Stone Golem, Naga, Crypt Lord, and more
Equipment. Syringe, Sun Gun Gadget, Flamethrower Gadget, Frost Gun Gadget, Reflective Cylinder Gadget, Water Pump Gadget

Update: 1.9 released (August 22, 2016), 3,000 views
Added spell list based off class shorthand terms for ease of spellfinding.
Tinker: Cobble pulled to level 1, and is more frequent. Improved Cobble allows for cheaper cobbling. Warrior Mountain King Mountain King cleaned up, folded Avatar power into Spellcasting. Warrior Spellbreaker abilities cleaned up, slight buff to anti-magic.
Skills. Discovery: 2 weeks of studying can create a new spell, formula, or blueprint. It also requires money to spend and (of course) a suitable place to study. Added Arcane/Mana Engines (or Spelljamming Engine, if that's your thing!). It consumes 1 MP per EP and blocks casting for 1 hour (unless the user can pass a Spellcasting check). Mana-bombs, away!
Spells: Added new spells (Detonate Mana, Moonfire, Sunfire, Sunbeam (lower level entry spell)). Rebalanced others
Equipment. Added spellcasting relics. These are attunement items that provide bonuses to a single spell, such as Libram of Wracking to Exorcism and Evocative Consecration, or Sigil of Corpses to Corpse Explosion

Major Update: 2.0 released (November 28, 2016)
System: Added spell interruption mechanic (expanded 5e rule to all casting), standardized aura/shout effects, switched arms warrior abilities (bladestorm and bloodthirst strike exchanged places), added emergency mana-restoration effects for mages, priests, warlocks, and shamans. Added Lightslayer archetype, and added or modified 16 spells.
Monsters: Added 18 new monsters.

Update: 2.0.2 released (December 20, 2016)
System: Fixed general formatting,
Races: Improved Tauren’s Plainswalker ability
Classes: Warlock’s Soul Shard, Warrior’s Howl, added Kalimag to shamans (elemental tongue), and removed outdated references to Paladins’ Crusader Aura.
Spells: New Spells (Arcane Shot, Blessing of Kings, Death Grip, Death Pact, Denounce, Drain Life, Earthbind, Earth Shield, Lightning Shield). allowed Lightning Bolt to also replicate Chain Lightning. Elemental Shock costs less mana.

Update: 2.1 released (February 4, 2017)
System: Fixed formatting.
Races: Dwarf Stoneform and Tauren Plainswalker traits improved
Skills: Alchemical Engine added [Energy Sources], Careful Bomber adjustment
Spells: Arcane Orb, Holy Shock, Ancestral Guardians, Spirit Strike, Spirit Infusion, and consolidation of spells (blessings, runes, seals, and hunter shots) into arrays for unification of mechanics and simplicity.

Content: Released Deadmines dungeon (February 23, 2017)

Update: 2.2 released (March 21, 2017): 6,000 views
Improved class mana-restoration abilities, aura overhaul, added 10+ alchemical items, 3+ gadgets, flashbang grenades, +6 relics, mana shield no longer requires concentration, updated auras (all), new magical items, infused ammunition, added Warlock and Shaman spell lists, and several warlock spells added.

Update: 2.4 (June 17, 2017): 7,300 views
Clarified auras, overhauled the Death Knight’s Army of the Dead ability (tied to Animate Undead) clarified spellcasting and mana costs (reduced cantrips’ cost to become free at 5th level+), caster levels, and other mechanics (all casters have spellbooks or equivalents; spellcasters can also gain spells by leveling up, taking others’ spellbooks, being tutored by another caster or creature such as demons or fey, or researching unique spells). Added new and fixed old spells (Psychic Terror, Slumber, Bind Creature, which replaces Create Undead, Planar Binding, and Planar Ally; Conjure Creature more uniform, evocative consecration renamed to consecration), potions can now act in area of effect instead of being solely based on their original spell parameters, added new magical items (Truesilver Champion, Hand of Ragnaros, and armor sets among others).

Update: PDF Release (March 2, 2018): 13k views
We've released a professional-appearing series of PDFs (one for each chapter) for the conversion.

2.5 (May 22, 2018) Full changelog:
Clarified resurrection in lore, added conditions to simplify cold magic’s speed reductions, added scorched and chilled conditions, and clarified an ambiguity in 5e regarding choking (making garrotes and choking someone to unconsciousness possible mechanically).
Rebalanced (mostly by nerfing) racial talents and reconsolidating others (Stoneform split into permanent natural armor and a 1/long rest ability, arcane legacy, rage/berzerking, and war stomp) into others.
Rebalanced all races using the Detect Balance homebrew tool, boosting most (gnome, draenei, goblins, orcs, pandaren) and nerfing a few (night elves can no longer hide as a bonus action, worgen form lost some powers)
Added the Alchemist Class (repurposed Apothecary subclass, rolled the Apothecary subclass and made two others: mutant and transmutor)
Added class talents (warriors can now rage, turned shout into a talent, including many others (hunter, rogue, and warrior, simplified fan of knives and other rogue talents), most are interchangeable, allowing a hunter to take the warrior’s heroic throw, a rogue to take the hunter’s umbral sight, and the warrior to take the rogue’s misdirection to simulate troll headhunters, forsaken deathstalkers/lightslayers, and high elven blademasters, respectively, as well as to provide for most racial archetypes without making them actual archetypes, but chosen abilities.
Added Two Weapon Fighting style for Death Knights, modified Hunter’s/Warlock’s bonded companion, incorporated several conceptual changes from Unearthed Arcana’s Ranger class into the Hunter, modified Frost Mages for more parallel with Fire Mages, clarified Paladin Seals and Crusader Strike, and Moon Priesthood powers, added Tinker Notebook
Removed Lightslayers and folded powers into hunter and rogue talents.
Cleaned up all spell lists and unified their format.
Monk lost Brewer ability.
Skills and Tools
Added CP and alternate crafting (via crafting points) rules, added malfunctioned condition for devices, fixed existing skills to accommodate
Clarified Touch-Blast Strike and explosive fuses
Clarified and simplified gathering materials from creatures (harvesting) and objects (scavenging).
Clarified the cost of consumables under the Item Creation Table
Brew Mastery feat introduced, which is the Monk Brewer ability, now turned into a feat instead to simplify the monk and augment their versatility should they choose to take it. It still requires Ki, and is one of the more class-oriented feats.
Magic and Spells
Cantrip number now tied to 1st level spells prepared.
Added new spells for Alchemist (Bomb, Mutation, Shift Skill), altered existing spells (frost/fire armor rolled into Elemental Armor and granted for Shamans, Entangling Roots added to Alchemist, brilliance aura lowered to level 4, Aerial Shackles, Telekinesis, and Death Grip rolled into a low level Telekinesis 3, DKN, MGE, and WRK, unshackled Charm and Dominate spells from being Person-Monster, and made them specific to creatures the class can bind, renamed Conjure/Charm/Hold/Dominate/Bind Creature to Conjure/Charm/Hold/Dominate/Bind only, and cut extraneous verbiage)
Overhauled Invigorate/Debilitate (HoT/DoT) into Sigil spells (Ancestral Guardian, Banshee's Curse, Carrion Swarm, Curse of Agony, Demonic Doom, Earth Shield, Holy Fire, Immolate, Inferno Blast, Lava Blast, Living Bomb, Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Moonfire, Parasite, Rejuvenation, Renewing Light, Riptide, and Shadow Strike).
Removed Lightning Shield (rolled into elemental armor), Swiftmend (rolled side powers to Rejuvenation), Nature's Seed (no clear role in overhaul), and Water Shield (allowed Shamans to cast Blessing of Wisdom), cleaned up death pact and lightning bolt (made chain lightning a shaman name), Mind Blast/Flay are Cha saves instead of Spi, changed Soul Fire to be a Warlock version of Pyroblast (due to closeness)
Also nerfed Death and Decay, and unified spell format.
Added magic weapons (Mana Blade, Aetish, Frostmourne/Shadowmourne), and based items on rarity rather than price
Added Chapter 8: Classes in Warcraft, which provide suggestions on how to make character choices that go along with the presentation in the Warcraft universe.

Version 3.0 (October 4, 2018)
Major overhaul to organization, added appendixes for conditions, religions, classes in lore, and inspirational reading. Further changes (besides organizational ones) are detailed below.
Chapter 1: Focus/foibles and other ways of determining ability scores, as well as summaries with each race
Chapter 2: Minor clarifications on sources of abilities based on talents
Chapter 3: Added guidelines for building original PHB classes. Cantrips known is always equal to proficiency bonus (though some abilities grant additional cantrips).
Modified the tinker’s archetypes and wording to be updated to the changes to engineering to clarify use of certain gadgets (harnesses). Moved Reliability’s bonuses to Tech Know-How to make more reliable machinery (buff to tinkers).
Paladins’ lay on hands and death knights’ corrupting touch were simplified and strengthened. Revised invocation and similar abilities (ancient power, desperate prayer, mana surge, demonic invocation) to take 1 action and bonus action, and restore mana as if resting for 1 hour, usable more frequently. This results in slightly higher mana (enough for two highest-level spells), quicker use, and synergy with the change with mana potions (work off similar mechanics, higher rarity gives more effective hours of rest), along with the increase in total mana pool (and clarified spell costs).
Talent wording updated (fan of knives finally satisfactory, dire strike, etc.), changed Bladestorm to a talent and cleaned it up, and added two more talents (execute and stunning slam), gave Arms warriors Charge to compensate. Added synchronized uses of abilities (sweeping strikes adds to area damage, tremor + heroic leap deals double damage). Changed saving throws for alchemist, death knight, druid, paladin, shaman, and warlock to make distribution more even. Added caster level to class sheets, and rounding of caster levels. Rogue flash bomber talent replenishes on short rest. Beast Master hunter has abilities updated to reflect the animal companions’ ability to attack without being commanded with an action (under Bonded Companions). Also received a boost in terms of the Frenzy ability.
• Alchemist. Alchemist spellcasting-like ability has a caster level of 1 per alchemist level, up from 0.75. Cancelled artifact-level potions, and added a new capstone feature for alchemists: synthesized potions. Clarified spontaneous potions. Reorganized feature list, added text for mettle and multiple potions, and switched their access rates. Clarified flash bomber. Clarified actions to make potions.
Changes made alchemists a variable spellcaster who has slower ‘casting’ but can call on more resources, without employing mana, and with possibly better support though limited to a specific spell list.
Chapter 4: Added character details, inspiration, and all new backgrounds based on orders and organizations in the games/media (kirin tor, sentinels, etc.) that complement existing 5e backgrounds (using Knight for Stormwind knight, etc.)
Chapter 5: Overhauled organization for equipment, made cleaner and grouped skill products, removed lingering references to activation checks for engineered devices. Added Ashbringer
Clarified armor set crafting
Chapter 6: Clarified multi-classing, and added attribute change.
Chapter 7: Modified the engineering kit and unified wording
Chapter 8: New chapter, including between adventures, location/settlement sheets, vehicles, adventuring scales, and lore. Gives framework for overland adventuring.
Chapter 9: New chapter, including actions, damage/healing. This (and chapter 8) will synergize with kingdoms, strongholds, and war, and references to it was removed.
Chapter 10: Clarified mana rules, and added a mana cost chart to make the system more easily referenced, simpler, and accessible. Mana cost is reduced by 1 with minor and repeat spells, as well as spells lower than 3 levels than max, not halved. Total spells prepared are caster level + ability score modifier, down from 2 + double modifier for each spell level. Heightening is the main purpose, and makes specific conjure spells more valuable (since each is considered a spell). Furthermore, the total mana pool increases by the highest-level spell accessed, making the mana pools for mages and priests higher on average than paladins and hunters.
Chapter 11: Gave shamans access to brilliance aura, alchemists inner fire (renamed to invigorating vapors), with class-specific name (Mana Tide), and lowered totem’s level, clarified immolation. Bind is a ritual spell. Expanded alchemist spell list with 8 8th level spells and 4 9th level spells. Removed finger of death, forcecage, and symbol from 7th level alchemist spell list. Sigil spells require a spell attack roll vs a DC of 10 + spell level to make scaling stay around a roll of 7 on a d20 (roughly, assuming normal ability score rolls and level). Unified drain life, drain mana spells, and nerfed Conjure and Bind (but added special circumstances to bypass normal restrictions).
Sigil roll, balance damage on chart, solved several typos, removed Holy Wrath (folded under Holy Nova, added to paladins), simplified spells (Bind, Cyclone, Divine Shield, Drain Life, Drain Mana, Holy Shock, Ice Block, Mind Vision), some spells boosted (Blizzard, Combustion, Death and Decay, Demonic Doom, Divine Shield, Elemental Shock, Sunfire)
Modified spells (Rain of Fire 3rd level (parallel to Blizzard), Divine Shield and Ice Block work similarly)
Appendixes: New chapters, including new conditions, gods/divine powers, planes of existence, and classes in lore (how each race-class combination is likely to act)

Monster Manual 3.0 released.
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