Gnomish Tinker Thought Experiment

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Gnomish Tinker Thought Experiment

Post by gamefreak180 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 6:33 pm

ok so figured i would put it here on Piazza as well as Yuku (where the original is )
now this is a thought experiment to see just how high we could get a gnome character's Technological limit, his craft/ use technological device skills, and the crazy stuff that could be made.
so without further ado
Gnome 3 (even More Magic & Mayhem), Tinker 20, rogue 20 (feat even more magic & mayhem), Mage 20( 10)( feat even more magic & mayhem), Tech warrior 20 (10) (even more magic & mayhem alternate warrior), Steam warrior 10(more magic & mayhem), Sapper 10 (5 only for explosives) (alliance players guide), combat engineer 10 (even more magic & mayhem), engineer 10 (magic & mayhem), egnineer ability rank craft technological device/5,
so craft technological device ranks would be 126 could add 60 to it if it adding warlock inscriber and necromancer count
so total Technological limit is 118 and for explosives 123 both would go up by 42 if warlock inscriber and necromancer would be added and count due to the feat. also depends on if that would be acanist (mage) 20, arcanist (necromancer) 20 and so on or arcanist 80 (mage,necromancer, warlock, inscriber)
so now that is what i have so far also not including classes like defias renegade (lands of conflict)
now of course you are wondering what is the point? well i am glad you asked see I am hoping as a community we work together to create the most insane gnome or goblin( lets be serious here they would not live long enough to get this powerful) tinker that Azeroth has ever seen be it a force of good, evil, or a character to supply the party with almost anything in exchange for a field test or two.
side note saying he starts with an int of 20 he ends up with an int of 50 giving a +20 to all int skills as is.

thats all for now off to the workshop

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Re: Gnomish Tinker Thought Experiment

Post by Big Mac » Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:26 pm

Welcome to The Piazza gamefreak180.

You might want to pop over to the Introduce Yourself Here topic and say hi to the community at large.

Is that supposed to be a 133 level multiclass character? :shock: :?

It might not be possible (or desirable) for an NPC to get that high, but perhaps some of the different combinations that head in that general direction could give you a collection of similar-but-different tinker NPCs that can be used as rivals to each other.
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