World of Warcraft Bestiary - Any good?

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World of Warcraft Bestiary - Any good?

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I found a book, called World of Warcraft Bestiary cheap on Amazon and am wondering if it is any good:
Amazon wrote:World of Warcraft Bestiary (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames)) Paperback – February 4, 2008

BradyGames’ World of Warcraft Bestiary includes the following:
  • Statistical information on the denizens of the World of Warcraft Universe-including HPS, Armor, Damage, Resistances, and Abilities.
  • Over 6,000 monsters filtered through over 2,000 categories.
  • Every entry will be indexed for ease of use.
World of Warcraft has over 9 million subscribers worldwide.
Platform: PC
Genre: Role-Playing Game
This product is available for sale worldwide.
It's built for the MMO (so will obviously be hopelessly out of date) and there are probably details of most (if not all) of these monsters on various websites, but it's cheap and there are apparantly 400 pages in the book.

I wonder if it would be worth buying this book, so that I could flip between this and Manual of Monsters (or Monster Guide) and use the information to convert Bestiary monsters on the fly.
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