World of Warcraft: Chronicle: Volume 3

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Arrius Nideal
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World of Warcraft: Chronicle: Volume 3

Post by Arrius Nideal » Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:48 am

The third Chronicles book is out, focusing on the Third War. ... inw_strp_1


Zeromaru X gave helpful links that detail new canon info--dungeons in the game have been resolved in-canon by one faction or the other, detailed here: ... ngeon-raid
Here is a list of several changes: ... e_Volume_3

So far, it seems Chronicles 1 and 2 were better received in terms of areas covered by lore (the gorgeous pre-Sundering map is hard to beat), and Chronicles 3 seemed to have covered content too quickly to give each area its due of focus and fluff.
But it also seems pretty assured that there will be a Chronicles 4.

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Big Mac
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Re: World of Warcraft: Chronicle: Volume 3

Post by Big Mac » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:47 am

Thanks for posting this Arrius Nideal.

I've been somewhat busy for a long time and lost track of this.

(There are also forum topics for World of Warcraft: Chronicle: Volume 1 and World of Warcraft: Chronicle: Volume 2 if anyone wants to see how they compare to this book.)
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