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Kingdoms, Strongholds, and War

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 1:16 pm
by Arrius Nideal
The project that was holding up progress in World of Warcraft 5e RPG is finally ready: Kingdoms, Strongholds, and War.
This system was originally designed to help my brother's character (Ironforge Dwarf Tinker: Morodoth Ironbeard) have rules for running a company, and my other brother's character (Lordaeron Human Paladin: Gilbert Frey) run his several mass-combat encounters when he commanded militiamen and footmen against bandits and undead.
As the campaign heads towards giving the paladin a keep to hold and protect, I wondered about how taxes should work, how simpler I can make mass combat without changing the mechanic (unlike how Wizards did it with their own 5e mass combat system).
In the end, I've also drawn inspiration from other RPG systems, such as AD&D, Pathfinder, and tabletop and PC games, including our beloved Warcraft 3. Using this system along with the WoW5eRPG can replicate a longer-term Warcraft III-like campaign, and can simulate most combats adequately, while leaving space for dragons to wreck thousands of footmen.

Current Version: 1.0

The rules are made of several chapters.
• Chapter 1 covers how settlements form, gives guidelines on how they run, how many in tax or troops they have, and how to use them as both ruler and organization member. This also covers rules for how many a farm can yield in food (shorthanded to rations), as well as making money off selling it as a lord.
• Chapter 2 covers warfare rules that are integrated entirely with 5e's normal combat, allowing tactics such as mass cavalry charge and volleys, as well as giving guidelines as to how spellcasting works when spellcasters form into a group. This also includes slightly altered siege weapons, and guidelines on how a siege can be completed successfully (or successfully resisted).
• Chapter 3 covers building strongholds, which can vary from houses (cottages to residences) to schools, guilds, and chapels, to large castles made of several component strongholds. Strongholds give bonuses and can serve as headquarters for organizations. You may also use the same rules for liches, dragons, and other 'boss monsters' to attune yourself to your stronghold, gaining special bonuses with it, gaining lair actions and regional effects, although this does have its political and story ramifications...
• Chapter 4 covers how you can make your own organization, such as guilds, knightly orders, or businesses. These can alleviate costs from crafting-centered classes, such as our own Tinker class, without resorting heavily to nodes or cash.
• Chapter 5 is an expansion experiment in downtime-based training. Just as a character can learn a tool or language with downtime, why not proficiency in a skill, weapon, or armor? Why not increase in ability scores or hit points? These are balanced against time and limited against your maximum potential to help elevate those with terrible rolls, while not granting as much benefit for people with a high number of ability scores or hit points.
• Chapter 6 introduces new skill uses that work in conjunction with the rest of these rules.
• Chapter 7 introduces new spells that work in conjunction with the rest of these rules.
• Chapter 8 covers regional trade goods (which require organizations to utilize), and helps with logistics such as feeding troops and moving equipment.

The rules also provide demographics and allies and hirelings, for guidelines on inspiring people to follow you, how much an archmage would ask for in pay to serve (if not already in for their own reasons), and population growth for longer-term campaigns. ... p=drivesdk

These rules are based mostly on several variables: all unit costs are based on their pay per day (and can change appropriately).

Re: Kingdoms, Strongholds, and War

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 5:51 pm
by Big Mac
Wow, that's big!

I need to have a skim through this to see how well it would work with 3e rules.

Re: Kingdoms, Strongholds, and War

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:48 am
by Arrius Nideal
Changing it to work for 3e has a few guidelines. The central mechanic regarding economics is that skilled laborers earn 2 gp per day, unskilled 2 sp per day.
In 3e, it's based on profession (any) taking 10, usually resulting in a result of 14 (take 10 + 4 modifier), halved in a week for 7 gp, roughly 1 gp per day.
Unskilled laborers (without a rank in a skill) gain 1 sp only. So half the normal economic activity, and half maintenance for strongholds.
Demographics are different. I believe 3e/3.5 had their own demographic distributions.
Troops work exactly the same way; multiply the creature's hp and damage by half the number of troops, reduce AC, and apply the other rules normally.
Siege weapons follow original 3e rules.
Cost of soldiers as hirelings can scale with profession (soldier) bonus (half the result in gp every week) or the creature's CR/level as the chart.
The Leadership optional mechanic can be based on feat with the same name.
Strongholds work the same way, counting for reduced maintenance (unless you wish to employ the 3.5 Stronghold Builder's Guidebook, which is much more detailed/complicated, YMMV).
Organizations use the profession bonus and not a skill you choose, multiplied by one-quarter the number of skilled laborers, but otherwise follows the same rules.
The spells require too much change to be directly applicable to 3e/3.5e, so that's in your hands. :D

Re: Kingdoms, Strongholds, and War

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:36 am
by Arrius Nideal
Version 3.0 of the WoW5eRPG references some mechanics similar to KS&W, namely structural damage. Death and Decay may be something of a mini-Earthquake.