World of Warcraft 4e update; anyone interested?

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World of Warcraft 4e update; anyone interested?

Post by VoidWalker »

I love the World of Warcraft tabletop RPG; the opportunities it presents for adventuring in the world of Azeroth are just so enticing to me. However, I also have to confess that I found myself loving the rules update when D&D switched from edition 3.5 to edition 4. It did not pass my notice that a lot of 4e detractors wrote it off as "world of warcraft the tabletop game", and so, having built up a collection of the actual WoWcraft D20 books, I would like to run with this dismissal.

However, I have no real experience with homebrewing crunch for any edition, and so I'm here to ask if anyone would be interested in giving me a hand with this crunch-heavy project.

What am I interested in doing? To summarize, these would be my goals for this "netbook"...

* A list of 4e rules-based Azerothian races. Most ambitiously, I would seek to not only cover the actual game races (human, Ironforge dwarf, High/Blood/Night elf, Orc, Jungle/Forest troll, Worgen, Draenei, Forsaken, Tauren, Goblin), but also races from the original 3.5 tabletop (Pandaren, Dark Iron Dwarf, Nerubian, Naga, Harpy, Satyr, Mok'nathal, Half-Orc/Ogre/Elf, etc) and perhaps even some of the minor "variant" races from the game, such as the Tauren's Northrend kindred the Taunka - hey, if the Tuskarr can be considered a player race in the tabletop game...

* Examining the classes that could/should be present in a 4e Warcraft campaign setting. Some classes could be used straight up from the 4e rulebooks - the Warrior can be handled pretty well by the Fighter, yes? Some would need new powers or optional class features to be more appropriate to the setting. And some would need to be created from scratch. The tricky part is discussing which classes from the two games (video and tabletop) fit into which category.

** An optional expansion would be to list up the "barred" classes, explain why they are bared, and then offer posssible justifications/reasons for including them if desired without going the "planar traveler" option vaguely hinted at in books such as Shadows & Light.

* Figuring out rules for handling the Runecraft and Technology systems from 3.5

* Anything else I may have missed

Because the idea has been haunting me and I don't want to risk forgetting it, I'll share some thoughts I have on what a 4e "Azerothian Warlock" would look like. In my eyes, this would be an entirely new class; a Shadow power sourced Striker (with Controller inclinations), who functions something like a cross between a standard 4e Warlock and a Sorcerer in terms of powers and who relies on pets and summoning powers to reflect his lore/prior edition focus on conjuration & summoning.

A Warlock's minions would use much the same rules as a Ranger's beast-companions (see Martial Power), and there would be five options; Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, Felhunter and Felguard. However, to make the Warlock unique, there would be two special changes. Firstly, a Warlock gets more than one minion; they gain a second minion at level 11 and a third minion at level 21. In addition, all Warlock minions use the equivalent of the Instinctive Effect rule possessed by Druid summoning powers (see Primal Power). This means that, while a Warlock PC doesn't get more actions per round than any other class, he or she still benefits from having multiple demons called onto the field of battle at the same time, as his minions will be able to move to attack or defend or interfere with the enemy even whilst the Warlock is doing something else. They also have the Summoning/Dismissal "feature power", an at-will class power that lets them remove one of their minions from the battlefield and then resummon it elsewhere - this can not only let them avoid having to perform a costly ritual to raise/rebond a minion, but can also be used for its tactical advantage.

However, to keep the Warlock from getting too complacent, and to match the lore, all Warlock summoning powers have the Intrinistic Effect (Dragon 385) rather than the Instinctive Effect. In short? This means that whilst a Warlock's permanent minions are faithful, summoned demons will go berserk and be a danger to everyone, including the Warlock himself, if left unattended.

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Re: World of Warcraft 4e update; anyone interested?

Post by Bonetti »

I'd be happy to contribute a little, but I won't have any spare cycles until summer.

FYI, I've seen a 4e writeup of the basic races, which is linked somewhere in this forum. You may want to take a look at that for inspiration.

I like your take on the warlock :-)
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Re: World of Warcraft 4e update; anyone interested?

Post by Big Mac »

Welcome to The Piazza, VoidWalker.

4e is not my thing, so I can't really help here, but I've put out a link to your thread from the WoW:RPG page on Facebook.
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Re: World of Warcraft 4e update; anyone interested?

Post by Ivellius »

I did see this earlier, but like Big Mac I'm not a 4e guy. Best wishes--I don't think it'll be too hard.

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