[Darkest Dungeons] Non critical injuries

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[Darkest Dungeons] Non critical injuries

Post by Yaztromo » Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:07 pm

In Darkest Dungeons, critical injuries tables and related descriptions are soo cool that they quickly become addictive, however, non critical injuries don't have a "formal" description (they are a bit like Dark Dungeons injuries: you lose a number of hit points, but you don't know where you have been hit and how the injury looks).
How do you propose a DM should describe them? as fatigue, bruises, pain? or actually as cuts or similar? how about their location (even if it probably means nothing under game mechanics point of view...)?
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Re: [Darkest Dungeons] Non critical injuries

Post by Blacky the Blackball » Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:35 pm

Losing hit points without sustaining criticals is basically bruising and pain. There can be minor (or even quite severe) cuts, but nothing that you would bleed to death from. As for location, since such hits have no game effect (other than generically adding to the pain and fatigue of the character and bringing them closer to collapsing) you can describe them as being hit where you like - but obviously given the nature of them describing them as solid wounding blows would be unrealistic. The character would be hurt at the most - not even winded, since that would probably be a critical that stuns for a round or two.
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