RQ2 Thoughts of Darkness in Spelljammer

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RQ2 Thoughts of Darkness in Spelljammer

Post by Big Mac » Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:23 am

SPOILER WARNNG: THIS TOPIC MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: Please put possible spoilers inside HIDE tags.

Thawk suggested putting RQ2 Thoughts of Darkness into a Spelljammer Adventure Path. I don't know much about Ravenloft, but I've never heard of this adventure containing crossover material for Spelljammer. It does have an illithid theme, which means it could probably be rebooted, even if it didn't have a direct link.

Are there any actual Spelljammer references in this adventure?

Failing that, what fanon links would you suggest creating? Is there a logical place in the Spelljammer multiverse where High Master Illithid may have come from? Are there any canon Spelljammer products where a mention of High Master Illithid could be easily added (to foreshadow this adventure).

I'm not sure if I'd want to have Spelljammer PCs get sucked into Ravenloft, but I guess some people would want to do that. So what do you think might cause the PCs to get sucked into the Mists of Ravenloft ahead of this adventure? And how do you think they could escape back into Wildspace at the end of RQ2?

How about the reboot options? Would it be easy to move the Ravenloft Domain of Bluetspur onto the Material Plane or are there a lot of Ravenloft-specific things that wouldn't work on a Spelljammer world/asteroid. Are there any obvious worlds in SJ canon that would fit in well with Bluetspur? (Would it fit on Falx, for example? I read something about lightning storms on Mistipedia.)

I believe I saw psionics in the blurb. Would that make Krynnspace a poor fit? Or would Bluetspur work as an illithid occupied mountain on Reorx?

Is there anywhere in Realmspace that might fit in with this adventure? Glyth seems the obvious choice, but I don't recall a mention of lightning storms there. Would forest fires work as an alternative, if Bluetspur was plonked down on Glyth?

Is there a Greyspace celestial body where this could be located? Kule has mind-flayers, but no atmosphere. Would that be an easy swap for electrical storms? Could Bluetspur be shrunk down to be an asteroid in The Grinder?

How about the NPCs of RQ2 Thoughts of Darkness? Do any of them have tie-ins to Spelljammer? If not, what reboots would you recommend to add one?
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Re: RQ2 Thoughts of Darkness in Spelljammer

Post by Lord Sheriff Takari » Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:08 pm

I use the overlying Ravenloft element <the darker, more evil aligned and sinister locale> in my existing Spelljammer Home Brew with no changes what so ever done

when my group needs a reality check, they find themselves traveling through a sinister region or must travel to a planet rumored to be rather dark and foreboding in nature
my players know when things go dark that peeps will likely get dead as I pull out all the stops!
my typically PG rated game can turn NC-17 in a blink which does fit the Ravenloft theme, and also reminds them that things may not always work from sphere to sphere
<if a God does not have any influence in a certain sphere, clerics of that God lose higher spell access and connection to their god.>

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