The Midway Haven Observatory Collection

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The Midway Haven Observatory Collection

Post by MidwayHaven »

Hello all.

I heard that there's some sort of demand for the netbooks me and my friends made for Ravenloft through the years. Here they are: ... zNDYWdCaTA
(You might need a Google account for them, though!)

Ashen: The Ancient Dead
Siglo: One Hundred Feats for Ravenloft
Shadow and Steel: Weapons of Legacy for Ravenloft

The Book of Storms (includes 3E material)
The Hidden Ways
Worlds of Ravenloft

Worlds of Ravenloft: The Far Impossibilities
Twisted Origins

As always, stuff which I write often depends on the reviews of those who read them. PLEASE do give some output about them in this thread (or in the other one), and do also give me suggestions about what you might want me to write next for Ravenloft. Thank you very much!

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Re: The Midway Haven Observatory Collection

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Wow! I didn't realise you had made so many netbooks!

I've not had a chance to look at them yet, but I like the look of the Siglo: One Hundred Feats for Ravenloft book. That fits in very well with the official 3e products.
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Re: The Midway Haven Observatory Collection

Post by Seethyr »

This is excellent stuff. I have found your work before but not all in one clear collection like this. Thank you!
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Re: The Midway Haven Observatory Collection

Post by Yaztromo »

Great resources! Thanks!
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