Midway Haven Observatory presents: THE SUMMIT

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Midway Haven Observatory presents: THE SUMMIT

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A short story detailing the creation of a near-secret treaty between Barovia and Borca.

http://mhobservatory.blogspot.com/2015/ ... ummit.html

An excerpt:
Thus there they stood, silently assessing each other as is wont of their stations. Even their clothing was a study of contrasts: her fashionable white wolf fur coat seemed ostentatious and garish compared to the streamlined black caped coat he wore that seemed to absorb the shadows around them. Doubtless he was taller than her, but she was aware that he carried with him the brunt of ages, and inwardly she put in point that the legends that concerned him were all too true. In a sense it made the man the superior of the two; that thought alone made it slightly unpleasant for her to be standing at that spot.

The silence between them was almost unbearable, so she inhaled the cold mountain air and asked, “Shall we begin?”

Without breaking his gaze towards her, the man gave a slight nod and raised his right hand as a gesture for his own troupe, save one as his witness, to leave. A few of them looked distastefully at her veiled companion, and one of them spat out a strange word of two syllables, holding up a curious warding gesture aimed at him before they all melded back into the dark fog bank beyond the cedars.

She knew what the word meant, but that was of no concern at the moment. “I surmise we both want to keep this discussion swift, and not trifle with things of no import.”

“Do not worry, child,” he replied back, his voice suggesting age, yet asserting a cold authority that dares not be questioned, “I have all the time for the matters of this world.” On her part she felt irritated that she would be called a “child;” considering the circumstances, however, such a term might be apt, and she kept her annoyance in check.

“If that be the case, then you are more than aware of the inevitable tides of war that would soon wash over both our realms.”

The dim shadow that covered his pale face revealed eyes that squinted in suspicion. “That is of no consequence. I know of your Treaty and I have already expressed through my channels that I have no interest in such an alliance. I—and the Land—will endure, as it always has since the beginning.”

“I come here not asking for you to join the Treaty. Rather I see this as an opportunity to create a new one, exclusive only to the realms we both claim, on grounds that are cultural and contingent, but which could be expanded in the future to encompass other interests.” She looked down to the ground, at that invisible border between the toes of their feet that they both could not cross. “We each are our realm’s prisoners, and that is undeniable. But we are also its rulers. We certainly could not wile our nights away in ignorance of the affairs of those beneath us.”

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