[DDO] Mists of Ravenloft

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[DDO] Mists of Ravenloft

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Has anyone seen the new Mists of Ravenloft expansion to DDO?

DDO Wiki has a page about Mists of Ravenloft that explains the basics. Axel's DDO Channel has a YouTube video (Discussing Ravenloft Expansion Details) that explains the three bundles (two of which are pretty expensive).

I'm wondering if the DDO quests are going to feature any lore that is usable in tabletop Ravenloft games.

I'm also wondering if, considering that DDO started out with Eberron, if the Mists of Ravenloft expansion is going to include a linking mechanism between Ravenloft and Eberron. Will there be an Eberron dark-lord? Will there be some sort of land that has been sucked from Eberron into Ravenloft? Will Ravenloft be handwaved away as being identical to one of the planes in the Eberron cosmology?
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