Snanzbiereg’s Shovel

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Snanzbiereg’s Shovel

Post by Knightfall »

Something I wrote related to both Dragonlance and Ravenloft... enjoy! :mrgreen:

Snanzbiereg’s Shovel
Horrid bells peal rocks,
Out-of-tune whistles echo in the dark.
Snanz watches with greedy glee,
As his aardvark-like machine,
Burrows deep into the ground.
It makes a sound like hell unleashed.
He is a mad gnome,
A broken Tinker with a pitch heart.

He knows there are treasures to find,
A long forgotten ruin of Ansalon,
Deep under the Plains of Dust.
The legend speaks of a necropolis,
Entwined with the history,
Of the dwarves of Thorbardin.

Snanzbiereg’s Shovel digs and digs,
Until it burst through into a cavern,
Like an ulcer exploding.
The mad gnome hoots,
As loud as his contraption.
As the Shovel,
Crawls down the cavern’s spiny wall,
Like some horrid monstrous beast.
He pulls a dozen levers,
And ugly orange light,
Glooms the expansive hollow.
He has found it,
The Necropolis of Thrargaic!

The light soon shows him,
Nothing he’s seeking!
No massive tombs of Thanes,
No dwarven riches piled high!
Only old graves of paupers and pilgrims,
In ordered rows and columns.
A lone temple sits at center of it all,
Dedicated to Mishakal.

Snanz sneers and rages,
And drives his hateful machine down!
He digs up the graves of the faithful,
And the rushes the Shovel,
Into the mortared heart of the Healing Hand.
He destroys a legacy,
And Mishakal curses him.

The Dark Powers of Ravenloft
Respond to his hatred and greed,
Snanz is captured,
By the Mists of the demiplane,
Known as the Domain of Dread.
He becomes a Dark Lord,
Trapped in his own evil madness,
And in his Shovel of darkness,
Forever cursed,
To hunt for a figment of treasure.

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Re: Snanzbiereg’s Shovel

Post by Princess Strega »

I really, really like this. Glad I could be the inspiration for it.

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Re: Snanzbiereg’s Shovel

Post by Sturm »

A mad gnome Dark Lord, very interesting! :)
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