Talislanta 2e is the best

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Talislanta 2e is the best

Post by pawsplay » Sat Sep 28, 2019 5:53 am

Don't get me wrong, I like pretty much every version except being lukewarm about d20 and 3e. But I really prefer 2e. It preserves the notion of basic spells of Talislanta, it has levels, it has long lists of ingredients, it has juicy black and white art, it has randomized damage. I like the elegant but workmanlike typesetting. I like the cover art.

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Re: Talislanta 2e is the best

Post by Big Mac » Sat Sep 28, 2019 7:13 pm

Was 2e Tal done back in the time when SMS was still doing most of the work of running the product line?
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Re: Talislanta 2e is the best

Post by Mulsiphix » Sun Sep 29, 2019 8:38 am

Yes Big Mac. I did an interview with SMS quite a while back. In it he talks briefly about his involvement with 2E. Here is an excerpt:

"During the time I was running Bard Games, I was single, living in an inexpensive apartment, and driving an old VW that I’d paid $150 for in cash. Even though I was making very little money, my expenses were so low that I was able to afford to work full-time on the Talislanta game and the business. Once Tal was ready to be published, I was fortunate to find a partner who help paid our expenses, and front the costs of art, printing, etc until we started to sell some books. So from my POV, it was never a hardship – plus thanks to my “musician training”, I had no problem living a very low-budget, bohemian lifestyle :)

We ran Bard together for a few more years, and for awhile it did surprisingly well; the 2nd edition Handbook sold over 12,000 copies in 2 years or so, which was pretty good back then. We got into trouble when we tried to publish the Cyclopedia series – though the first volume sold well, the rest didn’t. But the biggest problem came when an inexperienced book trade buyer gave us a huge order for one of the Atlantis books. I tried to talk him into reducing the order, but he was sure all the books could sell. A year later we got huge returns, and had to give back something like $20,000. That pretty much sunk us, and we barely made enough to pay back the money my partner had invested in the company before we had to shut down."
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