"New" Edition - possibly full color

"Through a veil of blue mist did I first behold an unknown realm; dreamlike and surreal as if suffused in amber glow."
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"New" Edition - possibly full color

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Over at Talislanta.com, one of the options for a potential new book was -
"New" Edition - possibly full color . . .

I think that the Savage Lands Talislanta is a great idea and I will of course support it. But it might take awhile to get Savage Lands into print, so why not start working on a new edition of New Age Talislanta as well? What I would love to see is the Quintessential Talislanta in one book with just the essentials, while using the design approach for the Savage Lands as a guide. In other words:

- the focus, as always, is on the wonderful setting

- fewer archetypes: Use only the cream of the crop. When I first picked up 1st edition back then, some those Archetypes really leaped out at me, such as the Jaka Manhunter, the Thrall Warrior (of course), but also the Sindarin with the dual brain ability. But if they are listed among a hundred archetypes, these real gems of the setting can get lost in the shuffle. . . .

- simpler magic: I think that having real low magic in the Savage Lands setting will be great -- "The new book will still use the Action Table, but one goal is to simplify the system as much as possible." I hope this means that the magic system will be much simplified . . . .:) Please, just cover the bases in your core rules . . . kind of like what we saw in 1st/2nd edition . . . that allows players/GMs to jump into Tal quickly and then put your creative stuff ( and there is a lot of it ) in a book devoted to all things magic. So perhaps just the basic spells in the core rules and then reproduce them along with expanded rules/spells for another sourcebook.

- essential bestiary: Perhaps using the 1st edition Naturalist's Guide as a benchmark, presenting only the quintessential talislanta beasties in the core book and then just reproduce them in an expanded bestiary book.

- The return of levels of ability along the lines of 1st-3rd edition for characters would also be great. It makes it so much easier for a GM to create NPCs, thank you.

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