Yet another Magic Question

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Yet another Magic Question

Post by hobo_2k » Mon May 08, 2017 3:54 am

OK just need some clarification: this one is regarding the ATTACK Mode spells

OK so let us say that the caster has Attack mode of +6 and MR of +4 so total casting bonus of +10

Now he wants to cast a Lightning Bolt at a target 40ft away that will cause 12 points of damage

The caster has to roll a D20 -2 (-12 for spell level, +10 casting = -2) and compares this to the Omni Table
--lets say he rolled a 12-2 resulting in a 10 which is a partial success so it will only do half damage of 6 points
--now the caster has to roll again to actually hit his intended target
------He uses his CR + Mode skill versus a DoD equal to the target’s DEX + Evade Skill to hit.
------He has a CR +2 and Attack mode+6 total +8 vs the targets Dex of +1 and Evade skill of +4 total +5
------So he is at a +8 - 5= +3 to his roll
------Now we have to take range into effect (The spell has a base range of 50ft) The target is beyond half effective range so it gets another -5 penalty
-----------So he is now at +3 -5= -2 final tally to his D20 roll on the Omni Table
-----------Lets say he rolls another 12 -2 resulting in a 10 which is another partial success so it will only do half damage bringing the final damage total down to 3 points

Am I missing something or am I doing this right?
Figure I will tackle this one mode at a time.

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Re: Yet another Magic Question

Post by writermonk » Mon May 08, 2017 11:13 am

Yup, that looks right.

I'm assuming you're using 5th edition (by some of those modifiers). In some of the older versions, you'd simply cast the spell or have the opponent's MR be a penalty. - Home of 20+ years of Talislanta material and the new Talislanta: Savage Lands.

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