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Post by hobo_2k » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:54 pm

OK I have gone through the Talislanta 5e book a couple times and can't find how much it costs to raise attributes. I found the XP & time costs for skills and quirks. So can you raise attributes by spending Xp? If so what is the cost? And is there any different costs for raising negative attribute modifiers?

I found in the Omni-system pdf that you can: The cost to improve a Primary Attribute is 5 times the new attribute rating. Improving an Attribute requires a number of weeks equal to the new rating times two in training time.

Is this the same cost in 5e? Also how do you handle negative attributes, would going form -3 to -2 cost 10 points? -1 to 0 be 0 points?


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Re: Attributes

Post by writermonk » Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:36 am

I'm not entirely sure it was ever set down. The prior versions (editions 1 through 4) you couldn't increase Attributes - except as magical item enchantment things.

You could use the Omni system version, and use absolute values (thus going from -2 to -1 would be 5 XP with 2 weeks of training time because -1 has an absolute value of 1). The only hairy point is going from -1 to 0, which I would just default to same value as 1. - Home of 20+ years of Talislanta material and the new Talislanta: Savage Lands.

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