Initiative question

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Initiative question

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Going over the combat rules and ran into a question regarding "stating intent" the book states:

The winner of the Initiative roll can choose to declare Intent first or wait until other combatants have done so, in order to anticipate their opponents’ moves and act accordingly. Either way, the individual who has the Initiative rolls first.

So once you state your intent are you then committed to that action? Example: My companion and I are trying to rescue a kidnapped a rich merchants daughter. We are sneaking through the rival merchants manor who has taken her when we are discovered by a patrol. Initiative is rolled, I have the high roll (12) above three opponents (10, 9 & 7). While my companion has an 8. I choose to have them state their intents first.

Opponent #1(10) is going to move and engage me
Opponent #2 (9) is going to move and engage my companion
Opponent #3 (7) is going to run for the door to sound the alert.

Knowing this I decide to move and attack Opponent #3

so the question is this: Is Opponent #3 committed to his stated intent? which would force him to "FLEE" giving me another unopposed attack? or is he now able to alter his intent since it is not really a viable option?

Are the other opponents locked into their intents as well or could one of them try and run to sound the alert?

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Re: Initiative question

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You get to act first in this scenario, so you may wind up stopping Opponent #3. If you did so (through an attack or spell or something), then they could then choose another action for their turn or attempt to flee (so that they can sound the alert) if they haven't yet been disabled.

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