Markustay's Forgotten Realms/Empyrea maps

Quest for the lost city of Empyrea in Frank Mentzer's Aquaria Setting.
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Markustay's Forgotten Realms/Empyrea maps

Post by Big Mac » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:50 pm

I was talking to Markustay in the Flanaess Geographical Society, about the new Empyrea Kickstarter, that is coming out at the start of next month and that he mentioned that he shoehorned Empyrea into his homebrew Forgotten Realms map.

I asked if I could see that map, and he was kind enough to post it on his deviantArt page: Golarealms Snapshot.

It's quite tricky to see the join (if you are not an expert) so here is what he says about his map:
Markustay at deviantArt wrote:This is an OLD map I was working on (almost 5 years ago, now). I started out wanting to merge Golarion (PF) with FR - you can see the northern portion of Varisia there at the bottom. By the time I was done (NOT 'finished'), I had merged (not simple 'pasted in') 19 different D&D/RPG settings, and it became my 'Misbegotten Realms'. After three completely different layouts for me psuedo-African continent, I got frustrated and just gave up on the whole thing (story of my life {sigh}). I am posting this now because Frank Mentzer is resurrecting his Empyrea setting, and I've shoe-horned that in here (its blended with the shining Vale - the 'Daggerford Environs' region). Aside from that, you may notice a bunch of other stuff from 'elsewhere'. The point was to create a setting where there was a literally an 'adventure in every direction'. The ULTIMATE playground. And it all started out by me simply moving the Sword Coast over to become the 'right coast' of the Dragonreach (I wanted all the important stuff in FR 'closer together'), so even though this is MY Sword Coast, directly to the west there is Sembia (note that Thay actually stayed in its originally spot - its the rest that moved to it). The whole thing was a wonderful, crazy mash-up. Too bad I'll never get back to it - I no longer use this style, which was an emulation of Dennis Kauth's style that he used in the 3e campaign map. I have my own style now, and sadly, Mr. Kauth passed away back in 2013.
I didn't realise that Dennis Kauth was the designer who invented this awesome style. (It's a shame it's too late to thank him.) I think this is my favourite Forgotten Realms house style, as it has an in-character look to it. I really enjoyed seeing Markustay emulate this style with his own maps.

I'll be interested to see what official house style the new Empyrea map gets and if Markustay is able to emulate it, as well as he emulates Dennis Kauth's house style.
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Re: Markustay's Forgotten Realms/Empyrea maps

Post by ghendar » Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:20 pm

Big Mac wrote:I asked if I could see that map, and he was kind enough to post it on his deviantArt page: Golarealms Snapshot.
I really like that. Gives me some ideas about modifying the Sword Coast, which I always found to be pretty boring
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