Tek - The Technology of Empyrea

Quest for the lost city of Empyrea in Frank Mentzer's Aquaria Setting.
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Tek - The Technology of Empyrea

Post by Havard » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:18 am

A few years ago, Frank mentioned the following
ExTSR wrote:The vast work space (Aquaria on a planet within a system in a galaxy within a universe in a plane of existence within the multiverse) certainly leaves the options open. There is indeed a SF/space factor influencing Aquaria, but that's part of the Secret Story Line, so you'll have to wait.
Based on his recent Hardboiled Gumshoe Q&A, I was able to discern the following:
ExTSR wrote:Tech is utterly forbidden. They’ve used magical solutions in place of technological for about 3 centuries.

So of course there’s bootleg tech, and various in-game effects (you can shoot a demon in the head if he makes his magic resistance, antimagic=pro-tech, allowing the tech to work)

Explosions (gunpowder) don’t work at all. Something about the plane of fire. Magical explosions are fine.

Chariots, mills, and other ‘tech’ designed to augment mortals, rather than replace them, is generally fine.

Yep, the tech thing requires explanation and discussion. My solutions hold up in the long term, tho. Feel free to change ’em. It’s YOUR campaign once you buy it. ;>

In the cities, communal latrines are normal, habitual, and actually mandated.

[Alchohol will] burn but it won’t explode. Direct result: personal skill is required for survival. Unskilled attacks rarely succeed (unlike guns, bombs, etc).
This bit about the plane of fire fascinates me. While I realize it is probably just a fancy way of explaining why gunpowder won't work, I wonder if it has some other consequences for planar connections.


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