Frank Mentzer Empyrea Video with Nerdarchy

Quest for the lost city of Empyrea in Frank Mentzer's Aquaria Setting.
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Frank Mentzer Empyrea Video with Nerdarchy

Post by Havard » Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:27 am

Watch this recent live chat at Nerdarchy where Frank talks about the Kickstarter:


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Re: Frank Mentzer Empyrea Video with Nerdarchy

Post by Dread Delgath » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:09 pm

Havard wrote:Watch this recent live chat at Nerdarchy where Frank talks about the Kickstarter:

Awesome! This is a wealth of information for anyone interested in Frank Mentzer and/or his Empyrea KS campaign. Its great to hear Frank talk more about Empyrea, and his game-related theories on magic, immortals, Gary Gygax, his days at TSR, & FIRE! :mrgreen:
A big THANKS! to Giant Space Hamster & Chimpman for the cookies! (Dark Side be damned!) :D

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Re: Frank Mentzer Empyrea Video with Nerdarchy

Post by ExTSR » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:23 pm

Fire. OH yeah.

The invention of black power in the 800s AD brought muskets, pistols, cannons, and more.

Big picture: The immortals have ceded Terran space to humans. These may indeed be the race to eventually succeed them. They truncated the space (making magic problematic), leaving Man to his Tech and hubris. In a trillion years, maybe Tech WILL supplant magic; wait and see.

But learning from the experience, they discussed matters with the plane of Fire, and decided to curtail this effect in promising magic-based civilizations (the other side of the coin; maybe THEY will replace the immortals). Chemical explosions just don't work. They burn, sure, and flare up... but flour-mill detonations don't happen, forest fires are a lot less tragic, and a peasant with a pistol can't assassinate Archduke Ferdinand.

Lethality in Empyrea is a matter of personal skill, tactics, and thought -- not just a lucky shot. :)

Frank Mentzer
My friend Gary changed the world.

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