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Fairy Tale Games

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:31 pm
by ExTSR
Fairy Tale Games* Fantasy Roleplaying without the bookkeeping.

In FTG* adventures, the setting is a fairy tale. You determine the results through your actions.

You need these rules and a common deck of cards. (Get your own. This is about fun, not money.)

Maybe it's my Give-Back to Hobby Gaming. Or maybe it's bigger than that.
When's the last time you found something really NEW to do with a deck of cards?


Two PDFs here...
FTG-Intro: Just read this to 3 or more players... as easy as it gets.
FairyTaleGames2018: Complete rules, Starter fairy tale, Talent markers

More Fairy Tale kits coming soon!

* Fairy Tale Games and FTG are Trade Marks of Loxley inc. (c) 2018 All Rights Reserved... but share freely.

Re: Fairy Tale Games

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:26 pm
by ExTSR
Traffic note: Link now available on social media

Re: Fairy Tale Games

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:54 pm
by paleologos
Thanks, Frank!

Was a pleasure being introduced to FTG at Gary Con. Have run a game for my two 11 year-old daughters and they loved it!


Re: Fairy Tale Games

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:53 pm
by Ashtagon
A long long time ago, back in 2006, I translated (part-translated, at least) a fairy tale. I'm fairly sure this is not a complete version of the original source, which was written in Maltese. I believe it appears in some (but not all) versions of the 1000 Nights. It could easily be the basis for an adventure using these rules. This is the first time this translation has been made public. Make of it what you will.
il-Bewsa tas-Sehher -- The Kiss of Magic

!!!Part I

Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen. They did not have any children, but the king wanted a son.

A year later, they had two boys - twins! The king was very happy. He named the big one Twanu, and he named the small one Myanu. But everyone disagreed about who the boys resembled.

"That one looks like his mother!"

"No! This one looks like his mother, and that one looks like his father!"

"No! No!" said someone else. "They both look like both parents!"

When the twins were born, the king could not sleep, because he was so happy. Whenever he heard a noise, he would go to see the twins. Every time he thought they were crying, but no - they were sleeping.

He was always thinking about the twins. He let a friend of his run the kingdom. The king lived in a house near the palace. He looked after the twins, and he did not run the kingdom.

A year passed. The king looked after the twins because he loved them. The king wanted a big birthday party for the twins. He sent invitations to everyone. He also sent invitations to five old sorceresses!

Everyone had wonderful new clothes for the birthday party. The tailors were very busy, because everyone wanted new outfits. The king paid for all the new clothes.

On the day of the party, the bells of the palace rang from five in the morning until ten in the morning. They rang for five hours. The king and the queen had the most wonderful clothes. The guests went to the twin's cradle, and they looked at the twins. The twins wore light blue clothes, and they had golden caps.

The king called a servant. The servant had a bag filled with many things. There was a hammer, some tongs, a beautiful doll, a fishing rod, a paint brush, some wheat, some money, a pen, a candle, prayer beads, a book, and a small sword. The servant put these things on a large table. The queen picked up the two boys, and she carried them to the table.

All the guests looked at the baby boys. "What will they choose?"

Myanu, the small one, picked up the doll with his left hand. His brother picked up the doll with his right hand. Everyone began to shout. What did this mean?

Even the king was confused. He scratched the back of his head, and he began to laugh. He called to Serena, the greatest of the sorceresses who came to the party.

She was a good sorceress, and she never hurt anyone. Everyone always listened to her, because she was very wise. Her hair was very long, and as white as snow. Her face was wrinkled.

"Serena!" said the king. "Please explain what happened. Why did they choose teh same thing? Why did they choose the doll?"

Serena got up. She went to the middle of the room and she stoodf next to the table. She took her long hair with her left hand, gathered it like a rope, and let it fall from her shoulder. With her right hand, she pointed to the twins. She said in a loud voice,

"My king! Your children will become very handsome men! All the girlsd will love them. Listen carefully, my king! Twanu will have a dark kiss... if he kisses a girl, she will have a dark mark on her face..."

"What about Myanu?" asked the king.

"Myanu," said Serena. "He will have a whitish kiss.... if he kisses a girl, she will have a whitish mark on her face. And these marks will not go away with water. They wont go with soap, and they won't go with medicine. Pray that if a girl has the mark, she loves your son. Do you understand? And when the boys are men, tell them this. Only one thing will make the marks go -- 99 more kisses! Yes! 99 more kisses will make the marks go."

The shouting became louder. And everyone laughed. They thought that she was joking. The queen smiled, because Serena's words were wise and good.

The king also smiled. But he was thinking about Serena's words.

"Who will my children marry?" he thought. He looked up, and everyone was looking at him. "What will we do?" a guest asked.

"Now? What will we do? Nothing! No! No! Now.... let's eat.... Yes! Let the banquet begin! As for my children... each will marry the girl who loves him!"

And so the banquet began. Everyone began to talk. But the girls and their mothers talked the most.

"Well, I won't marry one of the princes!" said a girl.

"I won't let my daughter marry them!" said her mother.

"He will pretend to love her," finished another woman, "and then he will kiss her, and then forget her!"

"He will give her the mark of the kiss, and no one will want to love her!"

"The dark kiss is worse than the whitish kiss, because it is easier to see." said another woman.

After the party finished, everyone returned home. But everyone remembered the doll and Serena's words.

The twins became young men. And they were very handsome. Tony looked like his father, but he was not a good man like his father. When he was 18 years old, Twanu had many bad friends, and they went hunting in the forest together. Twanu became bad like his friends. He was cruel to the servants of the palace, and to everyone - even to the king and queen and his brother Myanu. Twanu's friends often teased him because of his dark kiss. Twanu hated his brother because his friends teased him, and his brother's whitish kiss was not easy to see!

But Myanu was not like Twanu. He loved the king, the queen, and his brother. He always behaved himself. He told his parents everything. He never returned home late.

Myanu never went hunting. He said that Twanu should not shoot at the birds.

"Twanu! Let them fly, poor things!" But Twanu still went hunting.

One day, one of Twanu's friends met Myanu. He said,

"Give me a kiss now, Myanu!" And he laughed loudly in Myanu's face.

Myanu was angry, but he said nothing to Twanu's friend. He went to his mother, the queen, and he talked with her for a long time.

"It is not important, my son," she said. "But you are old enough. Go to your father; he will explain everything." After Myanu left, she began to cry, because there were so many bad people.

The king explained everything. And he said,

"My son! Promise me that you will be good! Don't act like your brother with the girls. In time, you will fall in love with a girl who truly loves you. Do not kiss anyone else!"

"Yes father! I promise!"

And Myanu did so. He kept his promise.

!!!Part II

Twanu also promised the same thing to the king. But he did not keep his promise.

Twanu liked hunting. He went hunting by the lake. He shot the birds and animals as they were drinking. And everyone watched Tony. And they thought he was very handsome.

But they also feared him, and the women were afraid of his dark kiss. Twanu would sometimes see a young woman, and then he'd go and kiss her. The dark mark of his kiss would appear on her face! And then he laughed at her, poor thing! Some women would hide as soon as they saw him in the street! The servants of the palace always waited until he went hunting before they entered his room.

A few years later, Myanu fell in love with a young woman. He called her 'Warda', the rose, because she had reddish skin. Her hair was curly, and it was also red. He eyes were always bright, because she always smiled. Her nose was not too big and not too small. Her lips were large and red. She had small hands, and Myanu liked to hold them. She was tall, like Myanu. And Myanu also loved the way that she walked.

She also loved him. But he remembered his father's words, and the words of the sorceress Serena, and the whitish mark of his kiss. He did not kiss her. They began to meet in the palace, and she promised to love him forever.

Myanu did not believe that she loved him. One day, he placed his handkerchief over her lips and kissed her through the handkerchief. Warda was very happy! And the whitish mark of the kiss appeared only on the handkerchief.

The king was pleased with Warda and Myanu. He gave Myanu a very important job, because he trusted Myanu.

The king wanted to send a letter to the king of another country. At first, Myanu did not want to do it. He knew that the journey was very long, and he did not want to be away from Warda. But she said,

"Darling, be brave. I love you, and only you!"

"I know, Warda."

"Well then, go and listen to your father. Go and don't worry about me!"

"I am not worried about you. I am worried about my brother. He is a very bad man! He does not like me. I think he will hurt you. When i am not here -- who knows? -- He might hurt you..."

"I know what you mean. You think he is jealous of you. You think he will kiss me. But don't worry! He won't kiss me... He will never kiss me!"

"Promise me, Warda!"

"I promise! As soon as you go, I will go to my house, and I will not go out until you come back!"

"Thank you Warda! I can stop worrying now." And he kissed her through his handkerchief once more.

The young prince left by ship. But he took the handkerchief with the white kiss mark with him. The handkerchief made him remember Warda.

Warda did not leave her house. But Twanu was very evil. He used to see her every day, because she used to eat with the king. But since Myanu left, he did not see her. And so he began to think evil thoughts.

He did not see her the next day. Or the day after that. Or even the day after that! Warda did not appear any more! He decided something had to be done!

A week later, he went to find Warda's brother.

"What happened to your sister? Why can't I see her?"

"Oh Prince! My sister stays in the house! She does nto want to go out! I told her that it is bad for her health, and that she will get sick."

"Is she still beautiful?" asked the prince.

"No! When she saw you, she became as white as paper!"

"Well then, something has to be done!" replied the prince, "so that she leaves the house. She has to go out with you. When she returns, she will be beautiful like before!"

"You speak the truth."

"Of course I speak the truth! My brother left a long time ago. I have come to love your sister! And believe me, I want to marry her!"

Warda's brother was very happy.

"What? You? You want to marry her and make her queen?"

"Of course I will make her queen! I am the heir to the throne!"

He believed the prince. But he did not know the prince's plan.

"...and I will be the brother of the queen!" he said. "Brother of the queen! Brother of the queen! I will do it, my prince! Rose will leave the house!"

"But do not tell her that I love her!"

"Of course not! She talks about Myanu all the time! She will not listen to me!"

"Good! She will listen to me!"

"But Prince! I don't know if she wants to marry you!"

"Look," said Twanu angrily. "Listen to me. Do you want your sister to marry me or not? She will listen to me. She will be the queen. You will be the brother of the queen!"

"Of course I want that!"

"Well then. You want that, I want that, and Myanu is not here. She will listen to me."

"You're right, my prince! You're right! Now go. And tomorrow at noon, wait for me in the palace, and you will see me with her."

"Do you promise?"

"I promise you. I know my sister well. She will come with me!"

!!!Part III

Warda still loved her fiancé Myanu. But she did not like to be alone. During the day, she had nothing to do. She thought about the garden in the palace. She used to walk with Myanu there. She thought about the wonderful smell of the orange trees, and the lemon trees, and the flowers. She thought about the birds, and the animals, and the bees, and the dogs. She wanted to go out again. And then, her brother asked her to go for a walk with him!

Twanu saw them come. He hid behind a tree in the garden. They did not see him. He heard them, and he began to walk slowly to them. Everything was happening as he wanted. Warda's brother said nothing.

Suddenly, Twanu ran to Warda. He grabbed her shoulder, and he kissed her on the forehead. The dark mark of his kiss appeared on her forehead!

Warda was shocked. She fainted. Her brother kneeled down next to her.

He saw the mark on her forehead. He heared the prince laugh. The prince had made a fool of him. He understood what had happened. Twanu did not love Warda!

Warda's brother was very angry. He ran to Twanu, jumped on him, and killed him. He put Twanu's body in a bag, and took it to the cemetery. He found an open tomb, and put Twanu's body inside. The prince had a ring on his finger. Warda's brother took the ring, and hid it under Twanu's head. Without the ring, no one could show that Twanu is the prince.

He returned home. He saw his sister. She was crying in her bed. He felt sad about killing Twanu. He told a farmer what he did, and then left the country at night. But Warda was also sad, and she left the country three months later!

The king and queen learned all from that farmer. How they cried at Myanu's fate and his fiancée! And because they were old they could not rise from their bed since they were so sick.

Warda did not have any peace. She was alone. She hid from everyone, because she had the dark kiss mark on her forehead. She did not want Myanu to see the mark. But she still loved Myanu.

Finally, she made a decision. She put on many clothes on top of each other, so the people would not know her, she covered her face, and when it became dark, she went to Serena the sorceress.

Serena recognised her at once. She knew what had happened to her. Warda started crying as soon as she opened the door.

"Serena... not even you know... what happened to me..."

"No, my daughter!" replied the sorceress. "Everything, I know!"

"But now... what should I do... Serena? I don't want... it will... Myanu... he finds me like this... with this mark... on my forehead!"

"Of course not, Warda! And don't cry any more! Now, there is nothing you need to do! Myanu will soon come. If Twanu were still alive... well, perhaps if he kissed you ninety nine more times then the mark will pass!"

"Never.... Serena! Never! Better he died than I look at... at that... evil prince... better he died!" Warda finished, crying.

"You are hurting my heart with these tears of yours, Warda! Listen to what i say to you. Suppose during the day, I make you into a deer, and at night I make you a maiden anew? Thus Myanu will not notice the mark!"

"Yes! Yes, Serena! I want that! You have such a kind heart, Serena!" And Warda did not cry any more.

"Well then, close your eyes, Warda!" Like that, yes! And do not lose hope. Myanu still loves you all the same. ANd he will not learn any of this from me!"

And afterwards, Serena said three times with a firm voice,

-> "Warda! Warda! Taste the magic!\\
Become a deer with the antlers!\\
Go running in the forest's heart\\
Cease crying! What was, was!"

And Warda became a most beautiful deer, with white fur glistening with the rays of the sun. She would see much from afar. And every morning she would see the sun rising from over the mountains and the high places, and she would delight in the dew on the leaves of the trees glistening like pearls, she would look at the surface of the pools so she could see the small ears on her head. And she would eat the grass and the leaves of the trees, and stand chewing them in the peaceful forest, while thinking about her beloved Myanu.

!!!Part IV

Myanu returned some fifteen days after his brother's death. He did not know what to do. The doctor told him not to see his mother and father, as they were still very sick. He went to Warda's house, knocked on the door, but no one opened the door. he asked the people around him, but no one knew what to say to him, except that Twanu was responsible. No one even knew what had happened to her brother!

Finally, he remembered Serena. When he entered, she welcomed him with joy and she stood there, telling him all that had happened. She showed him that the wrong was all from his brother Twanu.

"But now, where is Warda?" he asked her. "Do you know where she is?"

"Oh! My son! I don't know! But it will not be an easy thing for you to find her! Warda has become a deer! A deer white as snow!"

"How can I stop her, Serena, without hurting her?"

Re: Fairy Tale Games

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:36 pm
by ExTSR
Thanx... ending coming?

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:43 pm
by Ashtagon
ExTSR wrote:
Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:36 pm
Thanx... ending coming?
Not any time soon. I've just moved house, and the book with the original story is at my mum's house, so I can't really get to it easily.

fwiw, this is the book: ... ejjef-ohra

Re: Fairy Tale Games

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:01 pm
by Ashtagon
Here's my old notes on the translation of the final part. This is woefully incomplete. Google translate might help.

nb "Warda" and "Rose" are the same character.
“Ehh! Ibni! Mela ma nafx! Imma int mhux se tkun ħaġa ħafifa għalik biex issibha! Warda saret ċerva! Ċerva bajda daqs is-silġ!”

“Oh! My son! Well I don’t know! But you not se tkun ħaġa ħafifa for you biex issibha! Rose she became a deer! A deer white daqs the snow!”

“Kif nista’ naqbadha, Sirina, u ma nweġġagħhiex?”

“Ara! Isma’ milli se ngħidlek jien! Oqgħod attent kif tispara fuqha, ma tmurx toqtolha. U int ma tantx tifhem fil-kaċċa! l-Aħjar tieħu l-vleġeġ li se llestilek jien! Spara bihom fuqha u ma tweġġagħhiex żgur! Hi dejjem tmur tibki kuljum fuq il-qabar ta’ ħuk!”


il-Prinċep ħa l-vleġeġ u dam ġranet sħaħ jistennieha. Dejjem kien imur għaliha wara nofs in-nhar. fl-Aħħar lemaħha! Ħa l-mira u laqatha f’widintha tal-lemin.

iċ-Ċerva ġriet kemm kellha saħħa. Mjanu ġera għal warajha u qabadha. U ħadha f’dar żgħira li kellu missieru f’tarf il-wied.

The deer ġriet how she had saħħa. Mark ġera għal warajha and qabadha. And ħadha in house small that he had his father f’tarf the valley.

Malli niżlet ix-xemx ġara kif qaltlu s-saħħara: iċ-ċerva saret xebba mill-ġdid. Saret Warda!

Mjanu ma għajjatx magħha. Qalilha li kien għadu jħobbha u li ma ridhiex tibki iżjed. Ħallieha terġa’ tgħidlu l-istorja mill-ġdid kif daħak biha Tjanu — biex isserraħ qalbha. Imbagħad, xħin għaddielha xi ftit, qalilha biex torqod sakemm imur ikellem lis-saħħara.

“Sirina,” qalilha, “missieri żgur li marid bl-inkwiet tagħna. Hemm bżonn tfejjaq lil Warda mit-tebgħa sewdenija u tagħmilha bniedma binhar ukoll! Hemm bżonn tfejjaq lil missieri u lil ommi! Hemm bżonn…”

“Serena,” he said to her, “my father żgur that marid bl-inkwiet of us. There need tfejjaq to Rose with the mark dark and tagħmilha bniedma binhar also! There need tfejjaq to my father and to my mother! There need…”

“Ħalli f’idejja, Mjanu. Lil Warda ġibha hawnhekk għandi dal-lejl stess biex għada filgħodu, malli jisbaħ, inneħħilha s-seħer li għandha fuqha, infejjaqha u ssir tiegħek għal kollox. Għada ejja għaliha hawnhekk. Imma oqogħdu stennewni sakemm immur fejn ommok u fejn missierek ħa nara x’għandhom bżonn! Bilħaqq… tinsiex tmur iġġib iċ-ċurkett minn taħt ras ħuk! Iftakar fejn sibtha lil Warda tibki!”

Kollox ġara kif qalet is-saħħara. liċ-Ċerva neħħitilha s-seħer minn fuqha u fejqitha mit-tebgħa:

“Ċerva! Ċerva! Neħħi s-seħer!
Sir il-bniedma kif tixtieq!
Għix u ħobb il-maħbub tiegħek!
Insa kollox! Inti tfiq!”


Imbagħad lis-Sultan u lis-Sultana kellmithom hi u fejqithom hi. Minn ħin għall-ieħor kienu qed jistennew lil Mjanu u lil Warda jiġu ħdejhom fil-palazż

fi Żmien qasir is-Sultan żewwiġhom. U meta miet hu Mjanu laħaq minfloku u Warda saret is-Sultana.

In time short the king married them. And when he died he (who is) Mark arrived instead and Rose became the queen.

Fini — The End — 終り

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Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 4:39 pm
by ExTSR
If you have any questions about FTG games, please post here. :)
Anecdotes about your successful new fairy tales will be in a different thread.


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Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 10:33 pm
by ExTSR
A vein of Russian Fairy Tales to explore

The Mistress of the Copper Mountain, from Bazhov et al.: ... r_Mountain

Re: Fairy Tale Games

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 10:58 pm
by ExTSR
And for more Fairy Tales than you can use in your lifetime...

Hail Project Gutenberg!

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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:20 am
by rabindranath72
Thanks! I'll have to try with my kids. The masterful Italian storyteller Giambattista Basile (from whom apparently some of the greatest tales' writers like the Grimm brothers "borrowed" a thing or two...) will provide fodder for many scenarios.